Bingo Appy on Facebook

You are here because we know where to find all of the very best bingo apps, and the latest app to hit the social bingo scene is Bingo Appy!

This fantastic app doesn’t just look amazing and it’s not just super fun to play – it gives out real cash jackpots! It is only the second app of its kind to offer bingo games for real cash prizes, so you need to check it out ASAP, folks!

Bingo Appy Prizes

Yes, this is the part that really caught our attention, too! The fact that they offer real cash prizes is a rare treat in the world of Facebook Bingo and is a huge contributing fact to Bingo Appy securing over 3,000 mostly users in just a few short months! This great app doesn’t just offer you the chance to snag an amazing mega jackpot of £1,000, they also offer little jackpots of £50 playing every single hour in their Appy Hour promotion, as well as jackpots of a hefty £200 playing every hour in Appy Dayz!

Bingo Appy Playing!

The thing that really caught our eye – after the real cash prizes, obviously! – is the fact that Bingo Appy offer their fans the chance to play both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games! This may not seem like a big thing to you seasonal bingo players, but when other bingo apps on Facebook are offering only 90 ball OR 75 ball bingo, you see why we are so excited! This is great for both UK and US audiences, and opens Bingo Appy up to many more players.

It also means that no matter when you log on, there will be tonnes of fans playing, ensuring loads of hardcore bingo action. The games run 24/7, too, so this is fab for those of you who keep unsociable hours!

Joining Bingo Appy

This being a new Facebook bingo app, the only way to play is via your Facebook account, and of course you can play via your mobile phone ensuring that you have a compatible device – namely iPhone, Android and Smartphone. If you haven’t already joined Facebook (and chances are slim that you haven’t!) then create your free account now and download the App! Just search for it within your Facebook page and it will pop up! Make sure that you visit their Fanpage, too, because you could scoop some lovely little bonuses!

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