Bingo-friendly Phones

Browse the table below to look for your phone’s manufacturer – click on the link to read more about playing bingo on your phone or if you’re feeling lucky click the button to head to straight to our top recommendation.

No. Phones and Tablet Rating Best App
1 Android Bingo Sites
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

The trend for online bingo sites these days is definitely for them to make sure they are accessible via your Smartphone!  There are heaps... [more]

2 Bingo Sites for iPad
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Check out our top 2 bingo sites that you can now play from your... [more]

3 Bingo With Kindle Fire
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Article on Kindle Fire Bingo containing the three recommended... [more]

4 Blackberry Bingo Sites
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Of course, many online bingo sites out there offer mobile and tablet versions of their site so that players can easily access them whilst... [more]

5 HTC Bingo Games
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Find out which sites are most HTC-friendly and which phone is best for playing bingo in our special HTC bingo... [more]

6 iPhone Bingo Sites & Apps
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Bingo is indeed becoming one of the most popular games in the online gaming market. There are more and more online gaming sites coming out... [more]

7 LG Bingo
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Whether you're looking to play for fun or for real, we have the most fabulous bingo games for your LG phone... [more]

8 Motorola Bingo
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Motorola, like HTC, sells phones running on both the Android and Windows Phone platforms. While you're options are undoubtedly increased if you've got a... [more]

9 Samsung Bingo
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Which galaxy will you choose to play bingo from? Which are the most Samsung-optimised apps? Find out... [more]

10 Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

With the boom of mobile gaming over the last year, the demand to increase what the latest smartphone can do has grown. The Samsung... [more]

11 Wearable Bingo Games
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Mobile gaming has now officially taken over traditional desktop gaming and more and more players are enjoying bingo on their tablet and smartphones. Over... [more]

12 Windows Phone Bingo
Rate 1/5Rate 2/5Rate 3/5Rate 4/5Rate 5/5

Windows phones have been gaining popularity, since the operating system and the phones that carry it have been improving in leaps and bounds. But... [more]

Note: our top recommendations are based on a combination of three key factors when choosing where to play bingo:

  1. Device compatibility – how well does the app work on the phone
  2. Reputation – what are people saying about this bingo app
  3. Value for Money – mobile bingo bonuses, price of cards, terms and conditions etc.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these:

1. Compatibility

The confusing thing here is that some phone manufacturers sell phones with the choice of either of two operating systems. The most common example is Windows or Android. While Windows Phone might be super-fast and easy to use when it comes to finding compatible apps things are a little trickier. The upshot is that when you’re looking for an app for your HTC One you also need to have in mind whether your One S is running Windows Phone 8 or some member of the Android zoo.

In the end though, the top apps, and mFortune especially, are doing everything in their power to bridge the compatibility gaps and most smartphone owners will have no trouble evaluating how well an app works on their handset: it will work just fine :-).

2. Reputation

This is typically a much harder thing to gauge – opinions vary about every online bingo site and this is just as true for phone-friendly ones as it is for desktop games. Look for certificates showing that software has been independently tested and that the operator is registered with an appropriate gambling authority.

3. Value for Money

Finally, the hardest of all to get a handle on is value for money. But there are a few tricks you can use:

  • Sign up for free and use the “no deposit” bonus to try out a game before using your money
  • Deposit small amounts and play responsibly
  • Remember that this is first and foremost a game and that we’re here to have fun!
  • Keep half an eye on the number of people playing and the price of the tickets – if you and 100 other people playing for £5 prizes then there’s something wrong somewhere!

For more detail on individual phone-friendly bingo games, see our list of reviews.