Penny Bingo Games

These days, lots of online bingo sites offer penny bingo games. If you’ve been on the online bingo scene for a while you have probably noticed penny bingo sites and rooms popping up on occasion. So what exactly are penny bingo games, and what are the best sites where you can give them a try?

Best bingo sites offering penny bingo games

WTG Bingo

WTG bingo

Whenever we come across a new bingo website, we’re always keen to tell you all about it. WTG Bingo fits the mould here, and since it is newly-launched, we’re guessing you will want some more details. We’ve got everything you’ll want to know right here. It’s time to get spinning Spinning, we hear you ask? […]

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Big Tease Bingo

Big Tease Bingo

The new Big Tease Bingo gives you a 500% Welcome Bonus + 25 free spins!

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Do sites offer penny games 24/7 or only in special rooms or at specific times?

You’ll usually find these games in specific rooms, the names of which might differ depending on the site you’re using. Here are some other points to note when you are thinking about playing this type of bingo:

  • Some rooms are only available between set hours
  • Other sites provide games that start every few minutes
  • Watch out for VIP rooms available to VIP players only – sometimes these can have penny tickets
  • You can still usually pre-buy tickets so you don’t miss a game

Hot tip: get organised ahead of time!

If you’re playing at more than one site, you might be able to make a timetable with the start times of each penny room available. That way, you might be able to play more penny games than you would on an individual site, thereby maximizing your chances of winning. Yay!

How much money can you really win on such games?

Many 1p bingo games offer real money in exchange for a winning penny ticket. The majority of games offer quite small jackpots of around £3, but this isn’t always the case. Some sites may even have jackpots of up to £30 – it really depends on where you play.

No matter where you are, you’re still getting a great bargain, so you might as well cash in on tickets regardless of the jackpot size. After all, you could still make a profit if you win.

Downside of penny bingo games

There are some downsides to be aware of, in order to get the full picture. Mind you, when you’re only spending a penny a ticket (and there are other games that cost mere pennies too, don’t forget), you have to weigh up the pros and cons.

  • Penny bingo attracts more players, hence more competition for you
  • Fewer chances to win because there are more tickets being played
  • Smaller jackpots
  • Less chance to win if you only have one or two tickets instead of the maximum amount permitted

Are you up for playing some penny bingo?

Now we know there are several cheap bingo sites out there in terms of ticket prices, you only have to decide where you’d like to play. Will it be at Wink, or will you opt for Cheers or Bingo Hollywood instead? The choice, as always, is yours… so will you be playing some penny bingo games on your favourite site tonight?