New Mobile Bingo Slots at mFortune

mFortune mobile players have been absolutely spoiled lately as this brilliant bingo site has released some new titles to try into its library of mobile games!

The Games

Which Witch:-

First up is the Which Witch mobile slot game. This splendid little side game has you choosing between the green and white Witch in a fun magic themed slot game that’s oozing with supernatural charm.

You have the standard 5 reel 15 payline setup and there’s some fun bonus features to play with. For example you’ll have Wilds which substitute for other symbols and increase the number of combinations you can have. Then there’s the 300x multiplier jackpot you can win by landing any combination of 5 jackpot or Wild symbols.

There’s a Free Spin round that will give you up to 9 free turns and you can also unlock the Which Witch feature that puts the two magical maidens against each other and if the White Witch wins you’ll get to pick a Crystal Ball to win a prize.

Finally, there’s also a huge progressive jackpot you can win if you want to get your hands on some large amounts of cash.

It’s an awesome occult slot game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Buster Safe:-

Another new game mFortune Bingo has is Buster Safe.  This terrific slot game puts you alongside an intrepid thief as he tries to break into a secure bank safe to steal the loot inside. With a great design that makes you feel like you’re about to perform a real heist this game really gets your heart pumping.

There’s also some fun bonus features to mess around with. For starters there’s the Wilds, shown as the policeman these substitute for items in your combos to give you more ways to win. Then there’s the free spin round that could land you up to 9 free games.

You can try the Getaway Mini-Game which involves you sneaking past security to your truck to win a multiplier prize or you could unlock the Print Hacker round that will scan a crime scene and if your fingerprints don’t show up you’ll win a multiplier reward.

Last but not least there’s the Safe Cracker round that has you breaking into a safe like to try and win another large multiplier prize of up to 140x if you’re lucky enough.

Overall it’s a fantastic little slot game that’s definitely worth your time, although worth noting is that it’s currently not available for PC users just yet but the good news is you can still enjoy the Buster Safe mobile version.

Anything Else New At mFortune?

Unfortunately there’s no other new mobile bingo 2015 games over at this site just yet, but these two games should be enough to tide you over until other fun titles are launched by this awesome mobile website.

So the next time you’re on this brilliant mobile site why not check out both of these terrific new titles.