Best Mobile Bingo Jackpots

Hands up who doesn’t love jackpot bingo?! The mere thought that you could win a huge jackpot is enough to keep the thrills coming. But did you know there are all kinds of jackpots you could potentially win?

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Classic jackpot types around today

Bingo jackpots come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most popular ones you’ll come across.

Sliding jackpots

These work in the opposite way to progressive jackpots (we’ll touch on those in a moment). They bring into play several elements:

  • They start with a large jackpot amount
  • To win, you must call bingo within a certain quantity of numbers
  • If no one gets it within that restriction, the jackpot amount falls
  • That amount must be won within another quantity of numbers before it falls again, and so on
  • The longer it takes someone to call house, the smaller the jackpot will be – hence the sliding name, since it’s a sliding scale

Progressive jackpots

These are among the most familiar jackpots. Here’s how they work:

  • A small amount of every ticket or bet is put into a pot
  • The progressive jackpot gradually gets bigger and bigger
  • A particular combination or layout will trigger the pot to be paid
  • The pot then resets to zero, or a pre-set starting amount

But perhaps most importantly, do you know how to win progressive jackpots? Here are some tips:

  1. You could win more by playing a bigger bet. Check this before you begin
  2. Always choose games that have a progressive pot against those that don’t
  3. Always play games that are trusted and have paid out before

Guaranteed jackpots

We love these, as the prize mentioned is guaranteed to be paid out! If the game includes a guaranteed jackpot of, say, £6,000, someone taking part will definitely win that amount.

Coverall (blackout) jackpots

These are found in 75-ball bingo games. The idea is to cover a specific number of squares to complete a pattern, hence the coverall name. Do this before anyone else manages to do it, and you win the coverall jackpot.

Escalator jackpots

Again, the name provides a clue:

  • The jackpot starts at a certain level – call bingo within a certain amount of numbers and you scoop it
  • If no one manages it, the jackpot increases and you get more balls to match to try and win it
  • As time goes on, the jackpot gets bigger and it gets easier to win because you have more numbers in which to do this with

Tips and tricks to winning big

There’s no guarantee you’ll ever win one, but it makes sense to maximise your chances. You can do that by focusing on these elements:

  • Pre-buy your tickets so you don’t miss out
  • Buy the maximum number of tickets you can afford
  • Watch for T&Cs and rules about playing with bonus money (sometimes these can exempt you from winning a jackpot)
  • Check the wagering requirements – if you do play with bonus money, how many times would you have to play through it before withdrawing any winnings?

Could you really scoop a big jackpot?

Jackpot bingo games are very popular – and for good reason. Jackpots can range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands of pounds. The odds on winning one might be long, but that won’t keep you from playing, are we right?

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