Big Spin Bingo Apps

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One bingo game that’s been gaining quite a large following with players is Big Spin Bingo!

Developed by Ruby Seven Studios, a San Francisco company that was founded back in 2012, this fun free game has proven to be incredibly popular with bingo players.

The Game

For anyone that’s interested in this brilliant little bingo game here’s a brief Big Spin Bingo app review you can chew over before you try it.

The game is free to download for both iPhones and Android devices and if you don’t have any of these devices you can still access it through the Facebook app store or visit the games official Facebook page to follow a direct link to it.

A great feature of this bingo game is that you can play either the Facebook version or use one of the Big Spin Bingo for iPhone and Android apps and you will still encounter the same kind of content, albeit with a different kind of control style.

The game features a selection of fun themed bingo rooms that cover several exotic locations, as well as fun themes like Classic, Power-Up Bingo, High Roller Bingo. Up to 50 players can compete and there are bingo games for all skill levels. A great feature of this game is that you’re playing for digital coins that you can then use inside the app to unlock extra content for the various bingo games.

There are unique power-ups and you can play up to four cards at a time to give yourself a better chance of winning, plus there are also daily tournaments to try out to win tonnes of prizes.

Developments with Ruby Seven Studios

This brilliant bingo app isn’t the only development with the company as thanks to their partnership with Gala Coral they have been able to launch a free-to-play slot app called Magician casino. Available on iPhones, Androids and on PC through the Facebook bingo apps store this fun apps creation has only been possible thanks to their partnership with Gala Coral.

E-Gaming Director at Gala Coral, Mark Kemp, said of their partner’s new game: “The games inside this social casino app are casino-style slots, filled with features and have HD graphics.”

Adding: “We believe Ruby Seven’s excellent adaptation work is above anything currently available on the market.”

This new development, combined with Big Spins success has brought the two partners closer than they ever were before.

Their Approach to These Games

Of course the majority of these free-to-play (F2P) games developed by Ruby Seven are available through social media networks; there are critics of this. Apparently these games can be seen as putting gambling on a platform that’s supposed to be purely for social interaction.

The company’s CEO, Michael Carpenter, had this to say in rebuttal: “Social casino games provide players with the fun casino ‘experience’ they love without the real money risk or need to be in a casino.”

He continued: “All of our games are free-to-play virtual coin models, our players do not have to risk or obligatory purchase anything in order to enjoy them. I agree similar mechanics exist in other games and that social casino should not be confused with gambling.”

So as you can see there’s a big difference between playing for real money in a casino on having a fun social experience in one of these games.

With news of new rooms being developed and more fun features about to be added to their Big Spin Bingo game in the future, this is one free to play app that you definitely need to keep an eye on.