Bingo Beach

Bingo Beach is one of the latest apps on the market it lets players enjoy the sun soaked, sand filled shores of various beaches around the world in their special themed Bingo rooms.

This amazing app by Ember Entertainment takes the standard game of Bingo and gives it an arcade makeover as players can use special power-ups like speeding up their dauber in their games. This gives you more of an edge in some of Bingo Beach’s games to earn extra credits and collectibles.

This interest app is available on iPhone, PC and tablets so you have a wide range of ways to play it. It’s also available on Android devices through the Google Play service.

A great feature of this app is that it also allows for connection with your Facebook account, so you can invite your friends into your games to reap a bunch of generous bonuses. The more mates you invite the bigger your prize will be.


Gameplay in Bingo Beach is pretty straightforward as it follows the 75 ball version of the game, giving players cards with 25 random number squares inside them that are then matched against a series of balls that are drawn in each round. To win you have to match those numbered balls horizontally, vertically or diagonally across your Bingo cards.

You’ll normally win XP and in-game currency that you can use for in-app purchases to buy some extra Bingo cards, unlock more game rooms, activate power-ups or even to get a couple of those hard to find collectibles.

There’s even an achievement system and a couple of trophies to earn to earn some bragging rights with your friends.


The main tips worth considering with this game are to try using a large device like an iPad to play this app with. The bigger screen means you’ll have a larger playing area and the resolution will be much better.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad, because the next best option is to use an Android device since their screens are pretty large as well. However, Androids can have a few compatibility issues with certain Bingo apps and games, but that’s mainly confined to the older models.

Extra Features

The Bingo Beach hasn’t quite sunk beneath the waves just yet. There are a ton of other fun features to take advantage of.

For starters you can play against other Bingo enthusiasts from around the world in real time, some of these matches can contain up to 150 other players at a time that you can happily chat away to using the games in-built chat option. Bingo Beach also run special tournament matches regularly, these terrific games reward their winners with extra credits and XP.

Thanks to all the fun ways to win with this great game Bingo Beach has become incredibly popular in the gaming community. So download it now and scratch that Bingo itch with this absolutely superb seaside themed bingo app.