Bingo Blast

If you like to play bingo but don’t like to spend a lot – if any – cash on the game, then Bingo Blast is the game for you. This social bingo app is ideal for fans of the 75 ball version of the game who enjoy playing something new and fresh.


If you have ever played a social bingo game following the rules of 75 ball bingo then you will understand the general gameplay mechanics of the Bingo Blast game. Like a regular game of 75 ball bingo you are presented with your 5×5 grid with a free space in the middle. The aim of the game is to get bingo by covering a line of numbers either horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in all 4 corners of the board. Do this as the numbers are called out, like in regular bingo games.

However there’s one difference here – you can set the numbers at your own pace. That’s right, if you can’t find a number on your card you simply press the arrow with your finger to move onto the next number. This means you don’t need to wait for a caller but it also means you need to be on the ball or you will waste the time you have to play.

Each game is timed for just over 1 minute and unlike regular bingo where the aim is to get bingo and win, your aim is to get as many bingos as you can on the 1 card. This means that even when you call bingo, the game will continue and the timer will tick, giving you the opportunity to get another full line before the time runs out. It’s a novel new way that allows you to play for multiple prizes on your phone without having to worry about loads of tickets on the small screen.


A good strategy is to make use of the forward button and try and rally through as many numbers as you can, as quickly as you can. This gives you the best chance of getting one or more bingos from the game.


The game has a pretty fun and basic design, with various cities to unlock as you play. San Francisco is the first place you are welcomed to, with a tram and sunshine making up the backdrop for your bingo game, with different designs representing different cities as you work your way up the levels in this game.


Unfortunately you can’t play Bingo Blast online on a PC, but this fun app is compatible with many mobile device types. For example you can download this game from the App store to enjoy on your iPhone or iPad, or equally if you have an Android smartphone or tablet device you can download the app directly from the Google Play store. You can even play Bingo Blast free on your Kindle Fire if you have an up to date model.

There you have it, the just for fun social bingo app Bingo Blast is available to play on the go just about anywhere. Why not download it today and see how many cities you can unlock!