Bingo Blingo

Created by the talented team at RockYou, this brilliant multiplayer Bingo app is the epitome of free, play for fun Bingo games and it’s available on Iphone and Android devices as well as PC.

Bingo Blingo caters solely to mobile bingo and slots are off the table so you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down with having too many things to play at once.

It’s an amazing app that mixes a fun arcade feeling with a traditional game of bingo as it allows you to play in a variety of special jewellery themed rooms with a multitude of special card options. There are also cool power-ups like the instant-win ability for you to use to spice up your game and win big.

They also have exclusive collectibles and a series of achievements to unlock that you can use to show off to your friends and add some extra bling to your game.

Bingo Blingo also integrates with Facebook, so you can invite your friends in or boast about your latest victory’s on your newsfeed. Bingo Blingo will reward you with a bonus for bringing your friends into your games, the more you invite the bigger the reward.


Gameplay in Bing Blingo is the same as any ordinary Bingo match; players are given a card with 25 spaces and a random digit within each square on the card. Numbered balls are then drawn and compared against your card and you win by matching these numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line across your bingo cards.

When you win a round you’ll earn XP and in-game currency since. The XP and currency can then be used to unlock more power-ups, open new rooms and purchase more collectibles to show off to your friends.


Although it’s a fairly simple app to use there are a few tips worth mentioning if you want to win big in your games.

For starters you should always use your power-ups as often as you can; this lets you get as much return as you possible within a very short time period. You may also benefit from the playing solely on the Android versions as you’ll get to use a larger screen and the resolution is a lot better on these devices.

Extra Features

Bingo Blingo also comes with a couple of extra features to keep your games fresh. For starters this brilliant bingo app runs regular tournaments for its players. These matches are free and can reward players with colossal amounts of game cash or lots of XP.

But that’s not all, since this app is catered towards multi-player it comes with exclusive live rooms where you can compete with other players from around the world.

Thanks to all these great game modes and unique features Bingo Blingo has quickly become one of the top downloadable Bingo apps available, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new app to play with.