Bingo Blitz App

Bingo Blitz is a relatively new social bingo app which allows players to play like never before. The apps can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or on Facebook, meaning that you can get involved with the social bingo fun regardless of your device. The way in which this game differs from normal online bingo is that players cannot gamble their money. Players compete to win credits, which can be used to unlock achievements within the game. This app is one of the most successful social bingo apps and its popularity is only going to rise with app use.

Playing the Game

To start off, players must select their cards. You can choose to play up to four cards at a time and the length of the game will be determined by the overall number of players. Numbers will continue to be called out until one of the participants gets a bingo and collects their winnings points. They can then use these points in the in-game shop to enhance your gaming experience. Experience a convenient way of paying, click here

Available on Mobile

Having this game available on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems is absolutely crucial to the success of the game. Because of this, players can get involved with a bingo game and connect with their friends no matter where they are. You can download both versions of the app for free from the respective download stores. Download it today; you have nothing to lose!

Facebook Integration

Having such a comprehensive and seamless integration with Facebook is one of the most important things for Bingo Blitz. Allowing your players to access through their Facebook account is the key to gaining long-term players. Facebook acts as a centralised hub for the game, connecting friends and users’ experiences when they access the application from numerous different devices (mobile, laptop etc.) It has been revealed that players who are connected to Facebook append more money on the app in general. One report that was published showed that 80% of their turnover comes from Facebook players. For the reasons about, it is made as simple as possible to get connected to the game through Facebook. The game offers players additional rewards for players signing up, such as increased points and free coins. Do you like Robin Hood? If you do, check out this site review

Overall, if you like the rush of playing bingo, but do not want to gamble with your hard- earned cash, download this game and you can play without spending a penny. Don’t forget to see our other reviews here