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Have you ever wanted to combine Facebook with a bunch of cute and cuddly critters? Well then good news, with Bingo Friendzy you can do just that.

Using this handy Bingo app you can cuddle up to these adorable little animals whilst earning free tickets and other prizes when you invite and play Bingo games alongside your Facebook friends.

If you’re still not sold, why not read the rest of our Bingo Friendzy review to see why you should check this app out.


You don’t have to be a bingo caller to figure out how to win with this bingo app as the controls for the Bingo Friendzy apps bingo games and slots are pretty straightforward.

The candy cave game features 90 balls and the goal to winning is to physically drag around columns of the games cuddly critters to create matches of either three, four or five of these fluffy characters in a line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Then there’s the other game that comes with this app, Vanilla Bingo. A 90 ball bingo game which gives players three tickets with 27 numbered spaces in them, the goal from here is to match them in a line or to get a full house to win.

There’s also a couple of slot games to keep you coming back, they range from classic games like Tiki Temple to Wonderland and even Fortune Temple to name a few. These are just the same as slot games you’ll find on real money bingo sites, so you can alter the number of paylines and the size of your wagers with relative ease.

Strategy and Tips

There isn’t any other real strategy in the Bingo Friendzy game than to try and match as many of the cute animals as you can in the candy cave and try to trigger the community jackpot as quick as you can across both rooms.

The tickets for this room cost only 5p so you won’t break the bank. You’re better off buying as many tickets as you can to try and just play them for hopes of a regular payout.


As far as bonuses are concerned Bingo Friendzy will give you a 200% bonus on top of your first deposit into the app.

As an added incentive its games also have access to a massive community jackpot, this progressive cash prize regularly reaches into the thousands and to win share you have to land a Full House within 40 ball calls.

You’ll also have access to special prizes like free tickets and cash bonuses when you connect with your friends on Facebook and get them to play this great app.

Compared To Ordinary Bingo Games

Bingo Friendzy actually stands out quite well from the over populated market of bingo brands. What really makes this app stand out is the fact that the entire site is based around an app and the ability to fully integrate your Facebook account and share your jackpots with friends. Plus you can even invite them in to your games to earn their own bonuses.

Although it does have a few similarities, for example it carries the choice of letting the player choose from various bingo games as well as a small smattering of slots. Plus it caters more towards the social side of gaming like other Bingo sites do by allowing players to interact and have fun together.

Also the Bingo Friendzy app allows for mobile integration so you could easily play it on the go, on your mobile whilst you’re out and about.