Bingo Heaven

The latest creation by the talented team over at Super Lucky Casino, with 30,000 users playing on this app every month, Bingo Heaven is already becoming one of the most popular free Bingo apps in the gaming market. This amazing little app is available on iPhone, PC, Android and tablet devices so you have a relatively large range of ways to play with this fun app.

Despite what its name may suggest you won’t be playing amongst the pearly gates with Bingo Heaven, instead you’ll get to play in various location themed rooms. Although there’s no angels you’ll get to play in exotic locations like Mexico, Brazil and even Florida to name but a few.

Bingo Heaven also provides players with a brilliant set of power-ups that can have quite the game changing effects. There’s a 2x Payout, Instant Win, 2x Free Daub and Treasure Chest all easily activated with the touch of a button.

Thanks to this brilliant Bingo apps option of integrating your Facebook account you’ll never have to play by yourself as you can invite your friends in for a friendly game of Bingo. Best of all Bingo Heaven will give you special rewards for playing with friends, the more of your mates you invite the bigger your prize.


The matches in Bingo Heaven behave like your standard game of 75 ball bingo as players are given a card with 25 spaces inside it. In each space is a random digit that you have to match against a set of numbered balls that will then appear.

You can then win by matching your numbers either diagonally, vertically or horizontally across your cards. Once you do that you’ll be rewarded with either a collectible item, XP or in-game currency.


A good tip for this app is to try and play it on a large screened device like an iPad since the big screen means you’ll have a larger playing area and a better resolution for the games.

But if you rather unfortunately don’t own an iPad then you can always use an Android device since their screens are still relatively large. Plus Bingo Heaven can always be easily downloaded through the reliable Google Play mobile market.

However, some of the older phones do come with compatibility issues with certain Bingo games and apps.

Extra Features

But the fun doesn’t end there at Bingo Heaven as this amazing Bingo game can also be played offline, so you can still get your Bingo fix if you’re out of data or can’t find a Wi-Fi connection.

It also features in-app purchases that will allow you to buy more Bingo tickets with real cash for faster cool-downs on your power-ups or even some collectibles

Thanks to its fun library of games and refreshing arcade style, Bingo Heaven has already shown to be quite a big hit with Bingo enthusiasts. So download this great game and get a taste of your own personal paradise with Bingo Heaven.