Bingo Pop

The latest free Bingo game from Uken Games, Bingo Pop has been met with almost unrivalled success. It’s a nifty new bingo and slots app which takes the familiar game of bingo and gives it a fun and refreshing arcade twist.

There’s a collection of fun theme rooms that all have great music, plus each room also lets you use a selection of special power-ups like Instant Win and Double Daub to really spice up your gameplay. This brilliant little Bingo app is available on iPhone, Android and PC so you have a pretty large number of ways to play it.

An interesting and rather popular feature of this delightful downloadable is that you can connect with your friends by combining Bingo Pop with your Facebook account. It also allows you to invite them into your games to earn extra bonuses, plus the more friends you bring in the bigger your bonus.


Gameplay in Bingo Pop takes after the 75 ball version of the game, so players are given up to four cards that come with 25 squares and a random selection of digits inside them. From there a series of numbered balls will be produced and matched against your card and you’ll win once you manage to match some of these numbers horizontally, vertically or even diagonally across your Bingo cards.

Since this is a just-for-fun game you’ll be playing for XP and special game credits. Although they have no cash value, you can still use them to unlock more game levels and purchase more tickets for your Bingo games.

There’s also an extra unlockable bonus in your Bingo games. Any games of Bingo that result in a win will trigger a bonus slot game which you can play to earn extra daubs, bonus tiles or other random prizes.


A great tip for playing Bingo Pop is to try and use an iPad or Android device as they come with larger screens; the bigger screens mean you’ll have a wider gaming area. Also with bigger screens you’ll get to benefit from better resolution in your games of bingo.

Extra Features

But the fun doesn’t end there with Bingo Pop because they’ve also got some extra rooms outside of their standard themed bingo rooms.

They’ve got ‘Puzzle Arcade’ where you’ll play Bingo with boxes that contain game altering abilities that can clear out your board in a matter of seconds or ‘Jake Shakes After Dark’ where you’ll get to chill in a classic 50’s rock Diner. Finally there’s ‘Treasure Temple’ where you’ll have to find and combine coloured diamonds to win a special prize.

You can also collect special postcards in each of these great mini-games that you can then redeem later on for extra bonuses and rewards.

With a large selection of game modes to play around with and some fun features that keep gameplay fresh, you can’t go wrong with Bingo Pop. It’s an amazing app that is definitely worth checking out.