Bingo Rush

Created by the team behind Bingo Blitz, new social game Bingo Rush is an absolutely brilliant free app. It features a large list of bingo games that have all been given a fun arcade twist as you can use round altering power-ups whilst playing in a variety of themed rooms.

Buffalo Studios latest creation is also available on a range of different formats so it caters to a pretty wide audience. For example you could download it on your iPhone, Android or even play it on your PC. There’s also a fantastic Facebook incorporation option that rewards you for inviting your friends into your games, the more of your mates that join, the bigger the reward!

Or you could try using your Android phone to download its sequel Bingo Rush 2 on Google Play.

Although it may seem different, both are relatively similar as Bingo Rush 2 shows the same amount of haste in its games as its prequel since most barely last under a few minutes in length. Both also use power ups and special themed rooms to add a touch of variety to your Bingo games.


Gameplay in both of these apps is relatively simple as it’s the same as any 75 ball game; their rooms give players Bingo cards with 25 spaces in them and a random number within each of these squares.

From there a series of numbered balls are drawn relatively fast and compared with your cards, any matches you land in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line across your cards will result in a win. The rewards for winning in these apps take the form of XP and special currency that you can use to unlock more rooms, game modes and collectibles to show off to your friends.

Also the games in both apps also come with special achievements that you can earn by playing games and then use later for bragging rights with friends.


A great tip for these games is to always opt for the Android version as it gives you a larger screen to play around with and the resolution is always better.

Another option is to consider the Wi-Fi vs 3G connection debate. Sure the 3G connection may be slightly faster than Wi-Fi, but with Wi-Fi you’ll  avoid mobile data charges.

Extra Features

There’s also a couple of fun extra features to take advantage of, for starters both host regular tournaments that can result in you winning large XP jackpots or piles of in-game cash.

They also provide players with hundreds of live multi-player games with countless Bingo players around the world. Best of all Bingo Rush 2 allows for cross-platform play so you can play with your PC based friends using your mobile whilst you’re out and about.

So hurry up and download these great apps whilst you still can and enjoy some of their unique and rather exciting games.