Bingo Apps For Fun

There are loads of different bingo-themed apps that you can find to play on your smartphone. To save you the time searching through all of the different options, we have compiled a list of 12 apps that you should have a go at playing.


Bingo Ringo is an iPad app that can be acquired from the App store. The appeal of this app is that you get to play imaginative bingo games outside of the familiar confines of 90 and 75-ball. This is available for free or else $2 for the complete version.

Buzzword Bingo

Get this app now by going to iTunes and downloading it from iTunes. This is the app perfect for bingo players that attend lots of meetings, due to the fact that it lets you play with corporate jargon phrases rather than numbers. There are actually several similar apps out there.

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz features a board containing 25 numbers with the challenge being to win within a certain number of calls. The appeal of the game is that it is very quick to play and there will not be much waiting around. This app can be used through Facebook, giving you a huge social platform via which to connect with lots of other people. And there are lots of other exciting features too.

Bingo Classic

It may have classic in the name but the games are in fact 75-ball. You can play against other people from all over the world through the online bingo room. It is a simple but very effective bingo app to play and contains hours of excitement.

Math Bingo

Math Bingo is an app that is perfect for helping kids get to grips with number in a fun way. The game works in a format where an equation will be presented to the player, following which the correct answer needs to be chosen from the gird of possibilities.

MyChoice Bingo

Another app to join Apple’s other top bingo apps. The app will see you playing games with celebrity names and movies as opposed to the old fashioned numbers that we are oh so used to. This will be perfect for getting in your gossip fix.

People Bingo

When playing this app you will get to test your observation skills in public settings. The app will bring up a list of things to look out for and mark off your card. This app works great in public areas like shopping malls or cinemas.

Pocket Bingo

This one follows a more standard format with 90-ball bingo games the prevailing format. The appeal of playing is to have a go spending time in the four different rooms, which include Standard, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Real Bingo

This is an app for when you would prefer to just play by yourself. The game starts by randomly generating a bingo card for you and then launching into ball numbers being called out.

Soap Bubble Bingo

Not to be confused with Bubble-Gum Bingo, This nifty app combines bingo dice for very exciting results. There is quite a bit of entertainment to glean from this app, with games sometimes taking longer than 10 minutes.

Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo is a great bingo app for users with Apple devices. Earn winnings which will then be converted into lots of amazing funds for your bingo balance. Bingo points are paid out when amazing patterns are created.

Word Bingo

Where Math Bingo is perfect for developing your numeracy skills, Word Bingo does the same for literacy. This is a great app for kids because it will challenge them to find words on a bingo grid that have been spoken by a pre-recorded voice.