Buzzword Bingo

Like friends, words come and go. Some stick around longer than others though, and buzzwords are the ones that are just here for the good times. Bring on Buzzword Bingo – words that won’t stick will know it!

With the current state of surging popularity of online bingo, we have seen a plethora of different versions of the game being launched. One of the more recent ones is Buzzword Bingo, a mobile app which provides a welcomed distraction when getting lost in a seemingly-monotonous conference, lecture, meeting or some other event. You’ll all know the feeling of listening to a speaker and finding that your attention levels start to drop. It could be that the person addressing the room is boring, or it could be that they are using jargon that you are unfamiliar with. Download this app today and make an event more exciting, no matter that the occasion is. Check out this awesome game provider article

Rules of the Game

The game works by presenting you with a grid of different words, which the player must attempt to cross off throughout the duration of an event. Players can create their own custom cards to fit a situation or simply download one’s that others have made. Players are only allowed to cross off a word when they hear it said or see it done. When playing with friends, you must trust that the other player does not cheat and pretend to hear a word which was not said.

Best App for Android

If you own an Android-run phone, the best version of this app that you can download is ‘Buzzword Bingo (Multiplayer)’. This version allows you to connect and play with your friends at the same time. There is even a discreet mode which makes the game extra subtle, so you can play throughout that entire meeting without getting noticed!

Best for iPhone

Apple device users have a slightly better app available to them. As the name describes, ‘Buzzword Bingo HD’ comes in full high definition colour, improving the gaming experience. Although it can be seen as a distraction, the app can help you stay focussed as you listen out for the various words on the card. This increases your overall information retention and makes for a more productive meeting. Check out best bingo for iPhone

Similar Games

There are is a broad selection of different apps available for this purpose. They vary in quality and we have selected the best ones for you to play in this article. If you look in the respective app stores, you’ll see that there is a long list and some of the apps are actually called Bullshit Bingo!