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In Depth: Wagering Requirements

Low, no, or high – those are the three possibilities you’ll come across when exploring the concept of wagering requirements. The more you understand about them, the easier it is to find sites that offer good deals. So, let’s get all the details.

What are wagering requirements and why do they exist?

These are requirements that indicate how much you need to wager on a website before being able to cash out any winnings. You might also see the word ‘playthrough’ associated with this.

They exist to make sure people don’t claim a bonus and cash it out before betting any real money on the site. If bingo and casino sites didn’t use them, they could well go out of business very quickly indeed.

The details – how do they work?

Wagering requirements are normally attached to a welcome bonus. The small print will include information on the wagering requirements for that bonus, and the playthrough requirements, too.

Let’s view an example:

  • A bingo site is offering a 200% bonus for new players
  • There is a 3x playthrough requirements in the T&Cs for this bonus

So far, so good. That means you might deposit £100 and receive £200 added to that as your bonus. This means you have £300 sitting in your newly-opened account.

Normally, the playthrough requirement will have several features:

  • It will always be a multiple, i.e. the 3x playthrough in our example
  • It will usually apply to the combined amount of the deposit and the bonus, rather than one or the other
  • You cannot withdraw anything until you have met the playthrough requirements

In our example, the wagering requirements would work like this:

  • You start with £300
  • The playthrough requirement of 3x would equal £900 in this instance
  • This means you must wager that amount at least to be able to withdraw anything
  • If the playthrough only applied to the bonus, it would equal £600 instead

Are all wagering requirements the same?

No. We’ve put together some examples here for you, so you know what to look out for.

Bonuses vs deposits

There are three ways the playthrough multiple may be arrived at:

  • Applied to deposit amount only
  • Applied to bonus amount only
  • Applied to both deposit and bonus added together

These obviously make a big difference to the end amount you need to playthrough to benefit from being able to withdraw.

Different withdrawal times

  • You may come across the following examples of minimum withdrawal limits on bingo sites:
  • Sites where you must meet wagering requirements before withdrawing
  • Sites where you can withdraw early, but you lose your bonus in doing so

Different wagering requirements according to how you pay

Some sites alter their wagering requirements if you pay with e-wallets or vouchers, compared with other deposit methods. Glossy Bingo has this in force for players depositing with these methods:

These instances may also apply the wagering requirements to both the deposit and the bonus, rather than just the bonus. It is often better to use another deposit method, as this rule is seen on several sites.

Are there time limits on wagering requirements?

Yes, there can be. These will be indicated in the T&Cs, so do make sure you read them. If you do not meet the terms of the wagering requirements before the set date, you will lose the bonus.

You may also lose any winnings associated with that bonus, so bear this in mind. Usually, the bonus will last either a week or a month, but it rarely lasts longer than that.

Are there sites with no wagering requirements?

Yes! Isn’t that great news? The recent launch of the Real Money Bingo Network from Dragonfish has seen several no-wager sites become available for players to enjoy. These include:

Other sites also have bonuses on offer with no wagering requirements attached, including:

This means you can grab the welcome package, enjoy playing with the bonus money you’re given, and withdraw anything you win (once you’ve hit the minimum withdrawal limit). The size of the bonus will be smaller, of course, but with no requirements attached to it, it’s worth grabbing!

Factors to consider

While there are no wagering requirements bingo sites around, there could be other factors that may have an impact on your winnings:

  • Welcome package – how good is it?
  • Deposit bonuses – how big is the bonus and can you playthrough it easily or not?
  • Cashback on losses – some sites offer this to boost your balance if you lose
  • RTP – the higher the return-to-player percentage a game has, the better the odds of winning some cash from it

Size matters…

There are plenty of ways to play online games and have fun. But if you have a wagering requirement to meet, you must consider how you will win enough to meet that requirement.

For example, if you’re playing £100 per game or spin, a wagering requirement will be far easier to hit than if you play just £1 (or even a penny) per spin or game. So, think about your bet level, and about how likely it is you’ll meet the conditions placed on you when claiming a bonus with attached wagering requirements.

Ts and Cs on wagering requirements

Make sure you read the terms and conditions attached to any site with or without wagering requirements in place. Sometimes, the requirements may differ according to the games you play:

  • Bonuses may differ for slots, for bingo, or for table games
  • There may be withdrawal limits that could impact what you can withdraw if you win
  • There could be a maximum amount you can win if you’re using a bonus with no wagering requirements attached, i.e. ‘max win from bonus is £10’

Try your luck at bingo sites with no wagering requirements today

Now you have the lowdown on bingo sites with low wagering requirements, no wagering requirements, or higher requirements, you’ll know exactly where to go and how to play. Good luck!

£1 Bingo Games

How much do you pay for your bingo tickets? Do you love the games you can play for pennies a time, or do you prefer to go for the £1 bingo games? We’ve explored those very games right here, so you can see why £1 bingo is such fun.

Best Sites for £1 Bingo


Wink is known for its £1 bingo games among others, with plenty of weekly games and daily delights available at £1 a go or below.

Big Tease

Choose from 75-ball and 90-ball bingo at Big Tease Bingo today. With specials, mega money, and free games also available, you’re spoiled for choice!


Join Cheers today and head into the lobby to find a huge selection of exciting bingo games waiting to be discovered. Will you pay a pound or less to take part in 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games?


There are some tasty games available at BBQ Bingo. There is a generous welcome bonus and progressive jackpots on 90-ball, 75-ball, and High-5 bingo among other treats in store.

In the know: Are there major differences in prize pots and cash winnings for games that cost a penny, or £1, and £5- £10 or more?

Yes – it’s possible to be in the running for bigger prizes if you pay more per bingo ticket. With that said, you never can tell what the prize pots will be until you look, so check out the options at every bingo site you visit. That gives you the best shot at picking the best options for you.

Wink Bingo Prize Examples

  • Risk-Free Friday bingo – ticket price is 10, jackpot is £1,000
  • Soothing Sunday bingo – ticket price is £1, jackpot worth up to £10,000

Big Tease Bingo Prize Examples

  • Silver Stars prize bingo – ticket price is 5p, and the jackpot given was £4.50
  • 1,000 Stars mega money bingo – ticket price is £1, and the jackpot is £1,000

Top tip: be alert to the ‘up to’ wording

Remember, if a jackpot says it is worth ‘up to’ a certain amount, that’s the maximum it can be. It could be worth less than that, although sites like Wink (mentioned above) don’t tend to disappoint!

These examples give you an idea of the range of jackpots available, and the ticket prices you could expect to pay when playing 1 pound deposit bingo and other options.

Can I Still Win Big Jackpots for Just £1?

It depends how big you call big! Yes, there are some significant jackpots out there for £1 ticket prices, but they are going to attract more attention. That means progressive pots for £1 tickets are likely to climb higher.

Here are some points to remember:

  • Bigger prizes attract more players
  • This might mean less chance of winning the jackpot
  • If you play a £1 ticket, you probably won’t buy as many as if you were playing a 1p ticket
  • Find out whether there are other prizes available, or just the jackpot – it could influence whether you want to play the game or not

Are £1 games always available to play or just at designated times?

£1 bingo games won’t always be available around the clock at every site. For example, look at these variations:

  1. Wink offers a daily jackpot from Monday through until Sunday – but only two of the seven offer £1 ticket entries
  2. Big Tease Bingo has £1 entries to bingo games such as 1,000 Stars, and Encore, but they are not available every day.

Whenever you join a new site, check their bingo games and schedule. This will reveal when the next £1 games are available, and how often they are played. You can also discover the jackpots available. If you can pre-buy your tickets, this is a good way to make sure you don’t forget and miss out.

Are there Ts and Cs I should know about?

Terms and conditions are evident with all bingo games and websites. You should always read them so you know what to expect and what might happen. We’ve put together some hints and tips to help you, too:

  1. Never skim over the T&Cs – always read them fully
  2. Are you required to allow publicity if you’re fortunate enough to win?
  3. Do you need to wager a specific amount to qualify to play the game?
  4. How many tickets do you need to buy?
  5. How much is the jackpot worth if you’re buying tickets for £1 a time?
  6. Are there other prizes available too?

Reading through the T&Cs for the site – and for a specific game, if they are different – is very important. It will help you decide on the best £1 bingo games to play if you want to get involved.

Get Ready to Enjoy £1 Bingo Online Today!

Has this whetted your appetite for a taste of £1 bingo? We hope so! It’s not for everyone, but it could be for you.

Bingo Sites with Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are popular – and for plenty of good reasons, too. If you’re new to this type of slot, this is the guide for you. We’ll explain the ins and outs of progressive slots, and how they could change your life if you’re lucky enough to win one!

Where to find the best progressive jackpot slots

Big Tease

With bingo and casino games alongside the slots, you won’t fall short of games to play here. Click on the jackpot option to discover the progressive slots available at Big Tease.


Enter the Wink slots section, and you will find a huge selection of slots that come with added progressive jackpots. The current amount is displayed above the icon for the game, so you can choose which ones to play!


With oodles of progressive pots to play for, PocketWin is a super site to visit if you love playing slots on your mobile.

What is a progressive jackpot slot?

Every slot game has a jackpot, but a progressive jackpot is offered as an extra in some instances. A small part of every bet taken on the game will be put into a jackpot fund. This is the progressive jackpot, so-called because it gets progressively bigger as more and more people play and more is added into the pot.

Can I win using bonus funds or free spins?

It’s possible on some websites… but be careful:

  • Wagering requirements are attached to free spins and bonus funds
  • That means you may win the jackpot and find you must play through the amount you’ve won several times before you’re able to claim it!

Our top tip: always use your cash

If you want to play a progressive jackpot slot online in the hope of winning the big prize, always use your own cash to bet. That way, if you do win, the money is yours and you won’t need to meet any wagering requirements.

When will the jackpot drop?

Mostly, you won’t know how it would happen. Sometimes, the paytable will reveal the trigger, but you still need to get it on the reels to win. Here are some other possibilities:

  • Random trigger
  • Specific pattern of icons across all the reels will trigger the prize payout
  • Set amount of money reached in the pot triggers the payout for the person whose bet hits that amount

Standalone vs network progressive jackpot slot

Did you realise there are two kinds? Here they are:

  • An independent site, not affiliated with any other sites, will offer a standalone jackpot
  • A network of sites will all offer the same game with the same progressive jackpot – a network progressive jackpot

There are important elements to note with each one.

Advantages of each

  1. A standalone progressive prize can only be won by the people playing on that site, thereby producing far less competition
  2. A network progressive prize is played by more people across several sites, so it can grow far larger

Disadvantages of each

  1. The standalone pot will probably be smaller, as fewer bets are made by fewer people
  2. The network pot will have more people playing to win… and that means more competition for you

How does RTP affect winnings?

RTP means return-to- player. It is an average figure taken over a long period, so if you play one or two spins, you may get nothing back or you may win the jackpot.

Fluffy Favourites is a great example of a slot that comes in two versions:

  1. The regular slot without a progressive jackpot included
  2. The progressive jackpot version

Now, the RTP is different for each version:

  • Fluffy Favourites regular version – 95% RTP
  • Fluffy Favourites progressive version – 89.9%

You’ll notice the difference there. That’s caused by a portion of every bet going into the progressive pot, as we learned earlier. If you want to play progressive jackpot slots, you must accept there will be a lower RTP. You could win the pot, of course, but the odds are lower and this is reflected in the RTP.

Are there T&Cs to think about?

Yes, there could be. Always check the rules on every site you visit, to determine what might happen if you were lucky. It’s always best to know ahead of time, just in case!

Here are some pointers:

  1. Winnings in instalments – would the prize be split into regular payments or be granted in a lump sum?
  2. Publicity – every site likes to promote the fact they have had a jackpot winner. What would you be required to agree to?
  3. Withdrawal limits – how long would it take to get your prize if there are daily withdrawal limits in force?

Are you ready to try and win one of the progressive slot jackpots online today?

You’d better be, as there are thousands of pounds to be won! Good luck and we hope the RTP comes down in your favour…

The Best Jackpot Promos

Jackpot promotions are very popular, and it’s not hard to see why! Everyone dreams of winning a big jackpot, and when you realise how many of them are around, you’ll want a slice of the fun too. Here, we’ll explore the different types of bingo jackpots that can be won, and where you might win them.

Where to find the best jackpot promos


Wink is known for its progressive sky-high jackpots, and those are only the beginning! With other treats to be found as well, you have plenty of delights to look forward to.


Say ‘cheers’ to a range of bingo games and slots, and play games that could secure you a bingo jackpot, too. Watch out for the latest promotions on the page of the same name!


BBQ Bingo gives you a toasty time, with The Big £10k just one of many promotions available for players to enjoy. Watch out for others including Grab a Grand too!

Lucky Cow

Lucky Cow is known for its promotions, many of which offer jackpot-winning chances, too. Watch for the All or Nothing promo among others.

A whole host of jackpot promotions

You’ll soon realise how many jackpots you could play for each week. Join several bingo sites and you’ll automatically gain access to even more of them! Check some of the more popular variations here.


These are jackpot promotions that are regularly up for grabs. That means you always have chances to win, possibly daily. Different sites provide ongoing games at different times, but they are all available long-term, often to newbies and established players alike.

Perks of playing ongoing games:

  • You always have chances to win
  • They’re usually played to the same timetable
  • Jackpots are often the same type in each case

Example: Wink ‘The Unwind’

This takes place daily from 4pm and provides a chance to win a progressive jackpot. Yes – there’s a separate jackpot each day.

Example: Cheers Payday

This event perks up payday by giving you a chance to scoop a prize in the £2,000 JP game. It’s a great way to end the month!

All or nothing vs guaranteed

An all or nothing jackpot is one that offers the whole prize to the first person who covers all the numbers on their bingo card. This is the only prize up for grabs, hence the all or nothing name. This could also be progressive, i.e. the more tickets sold, the bigger the prize.

Meanwhile, a guaranteed jackpot is for a set amount, guaranteed to be paid before the game begins. This means you know exactly how much could be won. The amount is often given in the title of the game, too (see our example below).

Perks of playing all or nothing and guaranteed jackpots:

  • All or nothing prizes make it clear what you must do to win
  • Guaranteed jackpots mean you know where you stand
  • All or nothing prizes are great for the winner, as the prize isn’t split between players
  • Guaranteed pots can be large to attract more players

Example: Lucky Cow All or Nothing

Lucky Cow is a great place to play bingo. Their All or Nothing games begin at 8pm every Saturday night.

Example: BBQ The Big 10k

BBQ Bingo offers The Big £10k game, offering £10,000 in prizes split between winners as per instructions on the site. The game takes place on the 10th of every month.


Loyalty jackpots (or VIP jackpots, if you prefer) are available to a site’s most dedicated members. If you’re a VIP, you may find there are jackpot games open to you that regular members won’t be able to access. This means there will likely be fewer participants and that raises your odds of winning.

Perks of playing loyalty games:

  • Restricted audience
  • Jackpots can be larger
  • They’re regularly available

Example: Cheers VIP jackpot games

Cheers has games open to VIP members only. So, if you join that exclusive club, you might have a chance to play for even more jackpots!


Newbie jackpots are exactly what you would expect them to be – for newbies only. This means you’ll only have a limited time to take part in the hope of winning. Not all sites offer them, but they’re very popular.

Perks of playing newbie jackpot games:

  • They’re designed to attract newbies to start playing
  • That could mean big prizes!

Example: Cheers newbie jackpot room

It’s a great name for a great jackpot room! This is the best place to head for when you join the site, and as we mentioned, you’ll only be eligible to take part for a short time.

Grab your chance to win a jackpot today!

Progressive jackpots are great fun. You never know how high they will go before they are won. But whichever bingo jackpots you go for, you’ll always have the dream that you will be the lucky winner.

Best Mobile Bingo Jackpots

Hands up who doesn’t love jackpot bingo?! The mere thought that you could win a huge jackpot is enough to keep the thrills coming. But did you know there are all kinds of jackpots you could potentially win?

Mobile sites with best jackpots

Classic jackpot types around today

Bingo jackpots come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most popular ones you’ll come across.

Sliding jackpots

These work in the opposite way to progressive jackpots (we’ll touch on those in a moment). They bring into play several elements:

  • They start with a large jackpot amount
  • To win, you must call bingo within a certain quantity of numbers
  • If no one gets it within that restriction, the jackpot amount falls
  • That amount must be won within another quantity of numbers before it falls again, and so on
  • The longer it takes someone to call house, the smaller the jackpot will be – hence the sliding name, since it’s a sliding scale

Progressive jackpots

These are among the most familiar jackpots. Here’s how they work:

  • A small amount of every ticket or bet is put into a pot
  • The progressive jackpot gradually gets bigger and bigger
  • A particular combination or layout will trigger the pot to be paid
  • The pot then resets to zero, or a pre-set starting amount

But perhaps most importantly, do you know how to win progressive jackpots? Here are some tips:

  1. You could win more by playing a bigger bet. Check this before you begin
  2. Always choose games that have a progressive pot against those that don’t
  3. Always play games that are trusted and have paid out before

Guaranteed jackpots

We love these, as the prize mentioned is guaranteed to be paid out! If the game includes a guaranteed jackpot of, say, £6,000, someone taking part will definitely win that amount.

Coverall (blackout) jackpots

These are found in 75-ball bingo games. The idea is to cover a specific number of squares to complete a pattern, hence the coverall name. Do this before anyone else manages to do it, and you win the coverall jackpot.

Escalator jackpots

Again, the name provides a clue:

  • The jackpot starts at a certain level – call bingo within a certain amount of numbers and you scoop it
  • If no one manages it, the jackpot increases and you get more balls to match to try and win it
  • As time goes on, the jackpot gets bigger and it gets easier to win because you have more numbers in which to do this with

Tips and tricks to winning big

There’s no guarantee you’ll ever win one, but it makes sense to maximise your chances. You can do that by focusing on these elements:

  • Pre-buy your tickets so you don’t miss out
  • Buy the maximum number of tickets you can afford
  • Watch for T&Cs and rules about playing with bonus money (sometimes these can exempt you from winning a jackpot)
  • Check the wagering requirements – if you do play with bonus money, how many times would you have to play through it before withdrawing any winnings?

Could you really scoop a big jackpot?

Jackpot bingo games are very popular – and for good reason. Jackpots can range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands of pounds. The odds on winning one might be long, but that won’t keep you from playing, are we right?

Meanwhile, check these sites with the biggest bingo payouts!

£5 Deposit Bingo Sites

What’s the first thing you look at when you visit a particular bingo site with the idea of joining it as a member? I’m guessing you probably take a look at the bonuses you get when you join, not to mention the size of the initial deposit you have to make to get them. And that’s what we’re looking at here – sites that give you a chance to snag bonuses when you deposit just a fiver.

Best bingo sites where you can get bonuses for a £5 deposit or less

We’ve rounded up some of the best £5 deposit bingo sites for you to take a look at. If you’ve not yet joined any of these, they could be worth visiting.

Top tip before we start: read the relevant T&Cs

We need to mention this because there is usually a tiny link to the terms and conditions in among all the whizz-bang info about the offer itself. Don’t miss that link – and don’t forget to read what you find there.

888 Ladies

While the 888 Ladies home page promotes a £10 deposit, the small print states you can deposit a fiver to get 250% bingo bonus and a 250% games bonus. This is worth up to £500 at most, depending on the amount you deposit to begin with, as it could be more than £5 if you prefer.


This mobile gaming site offers you a free bonus when you first sign up. The mFortune website also states you can play the fiver on any games you like, and you get to keep anything you win from playing too (but read the T&Cs to find out more, just so you’re in the know).


Another mobile casino, this is run along the same lines as mFortune and has the same familiar layout to it. PocketWin also has a no deposit bonus.


Bingo Hollywood is an eye-catching site that has a huge 500% welcome bonus available to anyone who joins. The small print reveals you only have to deposit a fiver to trigger this, but there are wagering requirements as part of the deal.

What should you look out for when claiming such offers?

When you are looking at bingo sites with 5 pound deposit options, it makes good sense to know what you’re getting yourself into. It sounds like such a great offer it would be incredibly easy to overlook a few important points. We’ve given you some things to think about here.

Bonus amount

Most bingo sites give you the chance to claim a bonus amount when you join. However, by depositing just £5, your bonus amount could be lower than if you deposited £10. Compare and contrast different sites and offers to see which is best.

Wagering requirements

You may be able to get a bonus for a smaller deposit, but how easy is it to withdraw anything you might win with that bonus? Check the T&Cs to find out about wagering requirements for the 5-pound offer – is it worth it? Some sites don’t attach wagering requirements, but you should know whether this applies in a particular case or not.

The cost of bingo tickets

Find out how many tickets you can buy with the bonus you get. Which would be best from these two options:

  • A £5 deposit to access bingo tickets at 50p each
  • A £10 deposit to access bingo tickets at 5p each

The answer is pretty obvious. Making a bigger deposit might give you access to cheaper bingo games. It’s best to choose a site with £5 deposit bonuses and penny bingo games if you can.

Visit some 5 pound deposit bingo sites today

As you can see, it would be pretty easy to jump all over offers like this – after all, everyone can deposit a fiver, am I right? But with other things to think about, you should make sure you’re going to get the most for your money before you join any of the above sites. Now you know where you stand, you can confidently visit any of them and figure out which one would be worthy of your five pound deposit.

Mobile Bingo Sites with Biggest Payouts

When you play online bingo, it makes sense that you’d want to visit the best payout bingo sites you can find. After all, why play for a tiddly jackpot when you could net a whopper?

We’ve put together details of some of the bingo sites with the best online bingo payouts. Which ones are you already aware of?

Our favourite mobile bingo sites with highest RTPs

Big Tease Bingo

Big Tease Bingo

Take advantage of our Huge offer @ Big Tease - deposit £10 - play with £60!

Read Review

See website for full T&C

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Join Lucky Cow Bingo & get the 20 FREE spins on FAB slots like Chilli Heat! Spin the wheel after every deposit!

Read Review

See website for full T&C

WTG Bingo

WTG Bingo

Whenever we come across a new bingo website, we’re always keen to tell you all about it. WTG Bingo fits the mould here, and since it is newly-launched, we’re guessing you will want some more details. We’ve got everything you’ll want to know right here. It’s time to get spinning Spinning, we hear you ask? […]

Read Review

See website for full T&C

What is RTP?

RTP stands for return to player. It refers to the percentage of stakes that go back to the people playing a particular game. This could be a bingo game, a slot game or any other type of game you will find online.

It is important to note it is not necessarily the return you will get when you play the game. It is calculated according to the total number of stakes made over an extended period of time. The actual percentage you experience will depend on how many games you win or lose, and what your winnings are.

Which bingo site has the biggest payouts?

BingoCams is one of the best online bingo sites for winning massive jackpot prizes. They have a payout rate of around 97%, so you can see plenty of cash is consistently going back to the players.

What do the percentages mean and how are they calculated?

Every game is designed to return a certain percentage to players on the whole, and to retain a small percentage for the site providing the game. Here’s how it works:

  • A game has an RTP of 97%
  • That means 97% of total stakes go back to the players as a whole
  • 3% is retained as profit for the site supplying the game
  • Individual players may or may not get a 97% return
  • Some players will get more [someone might win a jackpot]
  • Some will get less

You might see the word ‘volatility’ mentioned as well. This means how volatile the game might be for you when you sit down to play it on a single occasion. The more you play a game, the less volatile it is likely to be in a single session.

  • Low volatility – you’re more likely to get close to the RTP in a single session
  • High volatility – you could lose a lot in a single session or win big in that same short period of time

Are there caps, wagering requirements or other T&Cs to look out for?

Every site works differently in this respect. Wagering requirements and caps tend to apply when you are wagering bonuses rather than taking part with real cash. However, we’d recommend you always check the rules on each individual site, not to mention the terms and conditions that are in force.

Top tip: individual games should give the RTP in each case

It might be in small print, but you should find the info somewhere on the relevant site.

Find your best mobile bingo site today

We all have our favourite bingo sites to visit. If you are keen to have a chance of winning one of the biggest and best jackpots out there, now you know where to go for a chance to do just that.

Mobile Bingo Sites with BOGOF Bonus

One of the best things about mobile bingo sites is the great deals that players can always find. Promotions vary from site to site, offering everything from bonus cash to free spins, great value bingo tickets and even the chance to turn your loyalty points into real prizes. One deal which is becoming pretty common lately is the BOGOF promo.

What does BOGOF mean?

It’s all very well talking about how great it that bingo sites are starting to open up a new BOGOF bingo room now and then, but what does BOGOF actually mean? Essentially, it stands for buy one, get one free. This means that you can look forward to 2 for 1 bingo cards in any room or game marked BOGOF. If you’re looking for great value bingo, and you would like something for free (who doesn’t love something for nothing?) then this is a top bingo offer to find.

The one thing about a BOGOF offer however is that you do have to pay something in, in order to receive your freebie. It’s not like no deposit bingo where you can simply join and get a bonus completely free. Usually when making use of a BOGOF deal, you’ll have to purchase something with cash first of all, in order to get the same again free.

What are some typical BOGOF offers?

The most common BOGOF offer is to have buy one get one free tickets on a bingo game. Depending on the site you play at, you could be fortunate enough to find a whole bingo room dedicated to BOGOF games, open daily. However more often than not, you’ll find a site which typically offers BOGOF games as part of a bigger promotion, or within a set time frame in a bingo room. Some sites may host these games at the same time every day or week, whereas others might offer BOGOF bingo at random.

It’s not just bingo tickets that can come with a buy one, get one free deal attached – it’s not uncommon for players to find themselves with free spins if they spend a certain amount on a game. This is usually attributed to brand new slot games which sites are eager for you to try out, and may tell you that you can get £10 of spins free if you spend £10 cash on the new game. Essentially this is BOGOF, as you are spending cash on spins, to get the same amount of spins free again.

BOGOF Offers at different bingo sites

As this deal becomes more popular, it’s not difficult to find BOGOF deals at your favourite bingo sites. Here are just a few of the best places to play BOGOF bingo, and the offers you can expect to find:

888 Ladies Bingo

– This bingo site offers players the chance to play for £100 in the special BOGOF bingo games that run every single day! Hosted in the sites very own BOGOF bingo room which can be found under the Specials tab, players can enjoy twice their usual bingo fun from 9pm. With a £100 jackpot up for grabs in this 90 ball game, and tickets costing just 25p each, you’d be mad to miss out.

Bingo Hollywood

– Join the glitz and glam of Bingo Hollywood where there are plenty of great value bingo games to be played – especially during Happy Hour! The special Happy Hour games take place from 7pm until 8pm each day and not only offer BOGOF tickets, but also the chance to win Double Bubble SPs in chat games too!

Wink Bingo

– Unlike the other sites above, Wink Bingo doesn’t have a dedicated BOGOF room, however players should keep their eyes peeled for BOGOF offers sprining up within regular games rooms or as part of wider promotions.

Pre-buy bingo games

When you check out a bingo lobby on many bingo sites you’ll now see the option to pre buy your bingo cards to upcoming games. This started as an option purely for jackpot games but now it’s available for many other games too.

What are pre buy bingo games?

Pre buy bingo games are those that you can buy your tickets for in advance, instead of at the time of playing. These can sometimes be bought months early for special jackpot games and can be really helpful for the busy bingo player.

What are the benefits of pre buy bingo games?

The first benefit of any game that allows you to pre buy bingo cards is that your space in the game is guaranteed. With jackpot games becoming more lucrative and bingo sites becoming more populated this is helpful if there are a limited amount of cards on sale. If you’ve ever noticed a jackpot game that you want to take part in, only to find that tickets are sold out, you’ll understand why this is so disappointing. A lot of these jackpots are too good to miss out on and you’ll be happy that your tickets are sitting safely in your account.

For those busy players out there you may not always have time to log in and play the game at the same time everyone else does. When you have your tickets safely bought early this isn’t an issue as the game will mark off your numbers and let you know what you won next time you log on. Even with mobile sites it’s all too to miss a game that you’re looking forward to when your schedule gets in the way. When you pre buy you can stop worrying about this and just focus on the task at hand, hoping for a win next time you log in.

It can also help you set a budget for the week, by getting all of your tickets in early. You can sort all this out whenever it suits you and then just play along whenever you have the time.

How do you purchase pre buy tickets?

The pre buy option will be in most bingo lobbies for games taking place further in advance, just click this and you’ll be on your way to buying them. If you’re looking for tickets to a special jackpot game you can usually find the option to pre buy at the bottom of the promotions page. If your chosen bingo provider has a jackpot section of the lobby then you’ll be able to buy them here too.

Top sites for pre buy bingo games

Now that you’re ready to snap up those tickets you’ll need to choose one of the many pre buy bingo sites out there. The following are our favourite, as they’ll give you bonuses on your deposit to purchase them with.

LadyLucks – This site has a new bingo game starting every few minutes and their jackpot games are a little further apart, so you can purchase your tickets before they start. This mobile gaming site will give you a £20 no deposit bonus to give them a go and then a 100% first deposit bonus when you become funded.

Wink Bingo – For jackpot games galore, look no further than Wink Bingo as they have a whole host of them dotted around their promotional calendar. Deposit £10 with them and use enter ‘WINKBINGO60’ at the deposit screen to get £45 to play with and a chance to win between £15 and £1000 in funds.

Tasty Bingo – For a delicious site, get online with Tasty Bingo, a top bingo site that will let you buy your bingo cards in advance. They’ll pop an extra £30 into your account when you deposit £10, so you can buy all of the cards you want.

Mobile Sites with Chat Games

If you’re relatively new to the bingo scene, you may have noticed that some sites offer mobile chat games. However, you may not be totally sure of what chat games actually are and how you play them. Luckily, we’ve put together this helpful article which will tell you everything you need to know about online bingo chat games and how to enjoy them.

What are bingo chat games?

There’s really nothing particularly complicated about chat games. You may have noticed that most bingo rooms come with a side chat window in which players can talk to each other and make friends. Sometimes these chat windows will have short games playing out in them, where players can win prizes. The games are free to play, and you can play them alongside the main bingo game. The games typically offer lots of different prizes, including loyalty points, deposit code bonuses and real cash prizes.

What makes bingo chat games so fun?

Chat games are definitely a lot of fun and worth joining in if you get the chance. What makes them so good is that you get to talk to people whilst you play, adding an additional social element which surpasses simply having the chat on at the side whilst you play the main game. The variety of prizes on offer also helps add to the excitement.

What are chat masters/moderators?

Chat mods are basically there to make sure that there is no abuse, bullying or bad language taking place within the chat section. They will keep an eye out for swearing and for any players in the room who are being nasty or harsh to other players, ensuring that the chat room keeps being a fun and safe environment in which to play.

What is the usual chat game etiquette?

At first, you might be a bit unsure of what the etiquette is for chat games, so here are a few hints and tips for you to be aware of. For one thing, it’s important to remember that even though you can’t see the people behind the screen, that doesn’t mean that they’re not real people. Therefore, you should treat them with as much respect as you would in real life. This might seem like common sense, but not everyone seems to realise this! It’s also helpful to lurk in the chat room a little bit to find out about the personalities of other players, before making any jokes or personal comments, as you don’t want to accidentally offend anyone. Players may be penalised and maybe even banned for harsh language towards others, so make sure you keep a tab on this when you are typing.

Chat game lingo:

Another thing which also might confuse new players is chat game lingo. As you’re playing, you may notice that other people in the room use phrases and words which you don’t understand. If you’re not quite up to date, then here are a few chat terms and their meanings to help you out:

1TG = One To Go.

2TG = One To Go.

GL = Good Luck!

TUVM = Thank You Very Much!

WTG = Way To Go!

GLe1 = Good Luck Everyone!

Top sites with bingo chat games:

The best bingo chat games are found on the best bingo sites. Check below to find out all about our favourite online bingo sites which offer chat games.

Wink Bingo:

Wink Bingo will kick off your time on their site with a first deposit bonus of 400%. That means that if you deposit £10, you’ll get £40 back in free bonus, giving you a total of £50 to spend all across the site.

Bingo Hollywood:

This excellent site will make you feel like a real movie star. You can start out your time there by depositing £5 and enjoy a 500% first deposit bonus. Now that’s value for money!

888 Ladies:

888 Ladies is an excellent site marketed to ladies – although lads are certainly welcome to join in! They will start you off with a 400% welcome bonus on your very first deposit.

There’s lots of sites offering free bingo chat games, so why not try one out for yourself? Enjoy!