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Moobile Bingo

Casino operator Probability plc. Created who also created Lady Lucks recently in the United Kingdom and are making the headlines with their GREAT games that they provide! (more…)

Bingo Pop

The latest free Bingo game from Uken Games, Bingo Pop has been met with almost unrivalled success. It’s a nifty new bingo and slots app which takes the familiar game of bingo and gives it a fun and refreshing arcade twist.

There’s a collection of fun theme rooms that all have great music, plus each room also lets you use a selection of special power-ups like Instant Win and Double Daub to really spice up your gameplay. This brilliant little Bingo app is available on iPhone, Android and PC so you have a pretty large number of ways to play it.

An interesting and rather popular feature of this delightful downloadable is that you can connect with your friends by combining Bingo Pop with your Facebook account. It also allows you to invite them into your games to earn extra bonuses, plus the more friends you bring in the bigger your bonus.


Gameplay in Bingo Pop takes after the 75 ball version of the game, so players are given up to four cards that come with 25 squares and a random selection of digits inside them. From there a series of numbered balls will be produced and matched against your card and you’ll win once you manage to match some of these numbers horizontally, vertically or even diagonally across your Bingo cards.

Since this is a just-for-fun game you’ll be playing for XP and special game credits. Although they have no cash value, you can still use them to unlock more game levels and purchase more tickets for your Bingo games.

There’s also an extra unlockable bonus in your Bingo games. Any games of Bingo that result in a win will trigger a bonus slot game which you can play to earn extra daubs, bonus tiles or other random prizes.


A great tip for playing Bingo Pop is to try and use an iPad or Android device as they come with larger screens; the bigger screens mean you’ll have a wider gaming area. Also with bigger screens you’ll get to benefit from better resolution in your games of bingo.

Extra Features

But the fun doesn’t end there with Bingo Pop because they’ve also got some extra rooms outside of their standard themed bingo rooms.

They’ve got ‘Puzzle Arcade’ where you’ll play Bingo with boxes that contain game altering abilities that can clear out your board in a matter of seconds or ‘Jake Shakes After Dark’ where you’ll get to chill in a classic 50’s rock Diner. Finally there’s ‘Treasure Temple’ where you’ll have to find and combine coloured diamonds to win a special prize.

You can also collect special postcards in each of these great mini-games that you can then redeem later on for extra bonuses and rewards.

With a large selection of game modes to play around with and some fun features that keep gameplay fresh, you can’t go wrong with Bingo Pop. It’s an amazing app that is definitely worth checking out.

Bingo Heaven

The latest creation by the talented team over at Super Lucky Casino, with 30,000 users playing on this app every month, Bingo Heaven is already becoming one of the most popular free Bingo apps in the gaming market. This amazing little app is available on iPhone, PC, Android and tablet devices so you have a relatively large range of ways to play with this fun app.

Despite what its name may suggest you won’t be playing amongst the pearly gates with Bingo Heaven, instead you’ll get to play in various location themed rooms. Although there’s no angels you’ll get to play in exotic locations like Mexico, Brazil and even Florida to name but a few.

Bingo Heaven also provides players with a brilliant set of power-ups that can have quite the game changing effects. There’s a 2x Payout, Instant Win, 2x Free Daub and Treasure Chest all easily activated with the touch of a button.

Thanks to this brilliant Bingo apps option of integrating your Facebook account you’ll never have to play by yourself as you can invite your friends in for a friendly game of Bingo. Best of all Bingo Heaven will give you special rewards for playing with friends, the more of your mates you invite the bigger your prize.


The matches in Bingo Heaven behave like your standard game of 75 ball bingo as players are given a card with 25 spaces inside it. In each space is a random digit that you have to match against a set of numbered balls that will then appear.

You can then win by matching your numbers either diagonally, vertically or horizontally across your cards. Once you do that you’ll be rewarded with either a collectible item, XP or in-game currency.


A good tip for this app is to try and play it on a large screened device like an iPad since the big screen means you’ll have a larger playing area and a better resolution for the games.

But if you rather unfortunately don’t own an iPad then you can always use an Android device since their screens are still relatively large. Plus Bingo Heaven can always be easily downloaded through the reliable Google Play mobile market.

However, some of the older phones do come with compatibility issues with certain Bingo games and apps.

Extra Features

But the fun doesn’t end there at Bingo Heaven as this amazing Bingo game can also be played offline, so you can still get your Bingo fix if you’re out of data or can’t find a Wi-Fi connection.

It also features in-app purchases that will allow you to buy more Bingo tickets with real cash for faster cool-downs on your power-ups or even some collectibles

Thanks to its fun library of games and refreshing arcade style, Bingo Heaven has already shown to be quite a big hit with Bingo enthusiasts. So download this great game and get a taste of your own personal paradise with Bingo Heaven.

Bingo Beach

Bingo Beach is one of the latest apps on the market it lets players enjoy the sun soaked, sand filled shores of various beaches around the world in their special themed Bingo rooms.

This amazing app by Ember Entertainment takes the standard game of Bingo and gives it an arcade makeover as players can use special power-ups like speeding up their dauber in their games. This gives you more of an edge in some of Bingo Beach’s games to earn extra credits and collectibles.

This interest app is available on iPhone, PC and tablets so you have a wide range of ways to play it. It’s also available on Android devices through the Google Play service.

A great feature of this app is that it also allows for connection with your Facebook account, so you can invite your friends into your games to reap a bunch of generous bonuses. The more mates you invite the bigger your prize will be.


Gameplay in Bingo Beach is pretty straightforward as it follows the 75 ball version of the game, giving players cards with 25 random number squares inside them that are then matched against a series of balls that are drawn in each round. To win you have to match those numbered balls horizontally, vertically or diagonally across your Bingo cards.

You’ll normally win XP and in-game currency that you can use for in-app purchases to buy some extra Bingo cards, unlock more game rooms, activate power-ups or even to get a couple of those hard to find collectibles.

There’s even an achievement system and a couple of trophies to earn to earn some bragging rights with your friends.


The main tips worth considering with this game are to try using a large device like an iPad to play this app with. The bigger screen means you’ll have a larger playing area and the resolution will be much better.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad, because the next best option is to use an Android device since their screens are pretty large as well. However, Androids can have a few compatibility issues with certain Bingo apps and games, but that’s mainly confined to the older models.

Extra Features

The Bingo Beach hasn’t quite sunk beneath the waves just yet. There are a ton of other fun features to take advantage of.

For starters you can play against other Bingo enthusiasts from around the world in real time, some of these matches can contain up to 150 other players at a time that you can happily chat away to using the games in-built chat option. Bingo Beach also run special tournament matches regularly, these terrific games reward their winners with extra credits and XP.

Thanks to all the fun ways to win with this great game Bingo Beach has become incredibly popular in the gaming community. So download it now and scratch that Bingo itch with this absolutely superb seaside themed bingo app.

Bingo Rush

Created by the team behind Bingo Blitz, new social game Bingo Rush is an absolutely brilliant free app. It features a large list of bingo games that have all been given a fun arcade twist as you can use round altering power-ups whilst playing in a variety of themed rooms.

Buffalo Studios latest creation is also available on a range of different formats so it caters to a pretty wide audience. For example you could download it on your iPhone, Android or even play it on your PC. There’s also a fantastic Facebook incorporation option that rewards you for inviting your friends into your games, the more of your mates that join, the bigger the reward!

Or you could try using your Android phone to download its sequel Bingo Rush 2 on Google Play.

Although it may seem different, both are relatively similar as Bingo Rush 2 shows the same amount of haste in its games as its prequel since most barely last under a few minutes in length. Both also use power ups and special themed rooms to add a touch of variety to your Bingo games.


Gameplay in both of these apps is relatively simple as it’s the same as any 75 ball game; their rooms give players Bingo cards with 25 spaces in them and a random number within each of these squares.

From there a series of numbered balls are drawn relatively fast and compared with your cards, any matches you land in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line across your cards will result in a win. The rewards for winning in these apps take the form of XP and special currency that you can use to unlock more rooms, game modes and collectibles to show off to your friends.

Also the games in both apps also come with special achievements that you can earn by playing games and then use later for bragging rights with friends.


A great tip for these games is to always opt for the Android version as it gives you a larger screen to play around with and the resolution is always better.

Another option is to consider the Wi-Fi vs 3G connection debate. Sure the 3G connection may be slightly faster than Wi-Fi, but with Wi-Fi you’ll  avoid mobile data charges.

Extra Features

There’s also a couple of fun extra features to take advantage of, for starters both host regular tournaments that can result in you winning large XP jackpots or piles of in-game cash.

They also provide players with hundreds of live multi-player games with countless Bingo players around the world. Best of all Bingo Rush 2 allows for cross-platform play so you can play with your PC based friends using your mobile whilst you’re out and about.

So hurry up and download these great apps whilst you still can and enjoy some of their unique and rather exciting games.

Bingo Blingo

Created by the talented team at RockYou, this brilliant multiplayer Bingo app is the epitome of free, play for fun Bingo games and it’s available on Iphone and Android devices as well as PC.

Bingo Blingo caters solely to mobile bingo and slots are off the table so you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down with having too many things to play at once.

It’s an amazing app that mixes a fun arcade feeling with a traditional game of bingo as it allows you to play in a variety of special jewellery themed rooms with a multitude of special card options. There are also cool power-ups like the instant-win ability for you to use to spice up your game and win big.

They also have exclusive collectibles and a series of achievements to unlock that you can use to show off to your friends and add some extra bling to your game.

Bingo Blingo also integrates with Facebook, so you can invite your friends in or boast about your latest victory’s on your newsfeed. Bingo Blingo will reward you with a bonus for bringing your friends into your games, the more you invite the bigger the reward.


Gameplay in Bing Blingo is the same as any ordinary Bingo match; players are given a card with 25 spaces and a random digit within each square on the card. Numbered balls are then drawn and compared against your card and you win by matching these numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line across your bingo cards.

When you win a round you’ll earn XP and in-game currency since. The XP and currency can then be used to unlock more power-ups, open new rooms and purchase more collectibles to show off to your friends.


Although it’s a fairly simple app to use there are a few tips worth mentioning if you want to win big in your games.

For starters you should always use your power-ups as often as you can; this lets you get as much return as you possible within a very short time period. You may also benefit from the playing solely on the Android versions as you’ll get to use a larger screen and the resolution is a lot better on these devices.

Extra Features

Bingo Blingo also comes with a couple of extra features to keep your games fresh. For starters this brilliant bingo app runs regular tournaments for its players. These matches are free and can reward players with colossal amounts of game cash or lots of XP.

But that’s not all, since this app is catered towards multi-player it comes with exclusive live rooms where you can compete with other players from around the world.

Thanks to all these great game modes and unique features Bingo Blingo has quickly become one of the top downloadable Bingo apps available, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new app to play with.

Bingo Fever

What sounds like the headache and joint pains you might get from playing too much mobile bingo is actually a nice little app for your phone or tablet – Bingo Fever for iPhone, iPad or Android. (more…)

Bingo Blitz App

By the time you read this Bingo Blitz may just have become the centre for all socialising anywhere, it’s that popular. Where have you been!? (more…)

Buzzword Bingo

Like friends, words come and go. Some stick around longer than others though, and buzzwords are the ones that are just here for the good times. Bring on Buzzword Bingo – words that won’t stick will know it!

With the current state of surging popularity of online bingo, we have seen a plethora of different versions of the game being launched. One of the more recent ones is Buzzword Bingo, a mobile app which provides a welcomed distraction when getting lost in a seemingly-monotonous conference, lecture, meeting or some other event. You’ll all know the feeling of listening to a speaker and finding that your attention levels start to drop. It could be that the person addressing the room is boring, or it could be that they are using jargon that you are unfamiliar with. Download this app today and make an event more exciting, no matter that the occasion is. Check out this awesome game provider article

Rules of the Game

The game works by presenting you with a grid of different words, which the player must attempt to cross off throughout the duration of an event. Players can create their own custom cards to fit a situation or simply download one’s that others have made. Players are only allowed to cross off a word when they hear it said or see it done. When playing with friends, you must trust that the other player does not cheat and pretend to hear a word which was not said.

Best App for Android

If you own an Android-run phone, the best version of this app that you can download is ‘Buzzword Bingo (Multiplayer)’. This version allows you to connect and play with your friends at the same time. There is even a discreet mode which makes the game extra subtle, so you can play throughout that entire meeting without getting noticed!

Best for iPhone

Apple device users have a slightly better app available to them. As the name describes, ‘Buzzword Bingo HD’ comes in full high definition colour, improving the gaming experience. Although it can be seen as a distraction, the app can help you stay focussed as you listen out for the various words on the card. This increases your overall information retention and makes for a more productive meeting. Check out best bingo for iPhone

Similar Games

There are is a broad selection of different apps available for this purpose. They vary in quality and we have selected the best ones for you to play in this article. If you look in the respective app stores, you’ll see that there is a long list and some of the apps are actually called Bullshit Bingo!

Facebook Bingo

Social media is booming like never before, with numerous apps and games now available to enjoy and play with friends. Facebook bingo taps into the millions of people on the site who love the game and like to play from home for convenience.

Additionally, there are many bingo brands tapping into the social media market, creating Facebook pages to promote their bingo games.

Sites with best FB offers

Lady Lucks

Look near the bottom of the Lady Lucks home page and you’ll see links to both Facebook and Twitter. Follow them there to keep up with the latest news and to be in with a chance for bonuses…


mFortune also has social pages on FB and Twitter. Follow their FB account for a chance to win special competitions, the occasional Facebook bonus and some account credits if you’re lucky!


If you like Cheers Bingo on Facebook, you will be rewarded with 5,000 loyalty points! How’s that for a reason to follow them from today onwards?

Facebook Gameroom

FB used to be about socialising. Now it’s about combining that with gaming, hence the new Facebook Gameroom feature. Here are just some of the perks to come:

  • Available for Windows 7 or better
  • It makes desktop gaming easier
  • No distractions from your news feed
  • No need to log into Facebook to use it

Facebook Bingo apps

You’ve got two options when playing bingo:

  1. Play just for fun
  2. Play for real cash prizes

So, which is best? Well, it depends on several things. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the features of each so you can weigh up one against the other.

Playing for fun:

  1. Doesn’t cost anything
  2. You can play with friends and family members
  3. You can enjoy bingo without having to worry about your budget
  4. There can be other things to win, such as badges, points and social status!

Playing for real bingo prizes:

  1. You can play games for pennies and up
  2. There are real cash prizes to win
  3. There are plenty of bingo sites offering paid games
  4. You can still enjoy a social element in some cases

Bingo Blitz

With over 5.2 million likes, this app is very popular and has a mobile app to make access to fun bingo games easier than ever.

Bingo Bash

Fancy having a ‘bash’ at playing bingo by liking this page? Per their info, this is the largest social bingo game on Facebook today.

Tips to get more from FB bingo

If you’re new to Facebook bingo, it might take a while to get used to how it works and how to make the most of your gaming there. We thought we’d highlight a couple of ways to enjoy the experience even more:

  1. Stay alert for special offers – most pages have special perks and offers from time to time
  2. Earn loyalty points – the more you play, the more likely it is you can earn loyalty points, which in turn can unlock bonuses and other features, depending on the app

Bingo brands and FB

Bingo on Facebook isn’t hard to find. Not only do you have several bingo apps with their own followings, you also have other pages set up by external bingo sites. Some are for real-life bingo halls but others are for websites running bingo games. There are many advantages to doing this for the brands, as you’ll see here:

  • They can interact with you more easily
  • It develops brand awareness and loyalty among members
  • It’s an easy way to update you on their latest developments

And of course, it’s great for you as well:

  1. You get access to special bonuses and promotions
  2. You can see sneak peeks of new games before everyone else
  3. They provide special deals and offers from time to time

So, now you know something about Facebook bingo, you can decide which apps to try, which pages to like and how to make the most of the social element of bingo. Have fun!