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Mobile Bingo Sites with Cashback Bonuses

Although many online gamers may be familiar with deposit bonuses, they may not be so familiar with other bonus alternatives. Another popular way to give players an extra boost is to offer cash back bonuses. To save you scouring the web for sites which incorporate online bingo cashback, we’ve created a list of the best sites for you to check out.

What is a cashback bonus?

A cash back bonus is a promotion which allows a player to reclaim a percentage of funds already wagered and lost. Cashback bonuses are often linked to a site’s loyalty scheme. Therefore the higher up the loyalty scheme you are, the more cash you will be able to claim back. As part of a promotion, you’ll be able to apply for lost funds. For example, at Wink Bingo to be guaranteed the maximum of 10% cash back you will have to be a Diamond player. Lower levels on the loyalty tier such as Ruby or Sapphire will be granted 5%, 8% or 10% depending on the level of deposits, withdrawals, reversals and wages during the cashback period.

Compared to other bonuses?

There are a number of other bonuses, as mentioned earlier. The most common of these is the deposit bonus. A deposit bonus can often by gained as a welcome bonus. The will be credited instantly and the credit is there before the customer plays any of the games on site. With a cashback bonus, you will usually have to apply to your account operator in order to have your credit returned to you. A deposit bonus is often generated from a code whilst a cashback bonus will generally be considered on an individual basis.

Can you get real money back?

Usually, no. Most sites which offer cash back will offer it in the form of gaming credit. You will be able to use these funds to play for real cash. You should check the terms of the site you are playing on to make yourself aware of the terms and conditions surrounding cashback bonuses.

Are there wagering requirements or caps?

Many sites will impose both wagering requirements and caps on cashback bonuses. The level of these will depend on which site you are playing at. Wagering requirements are the level of cash you will need to deposit or wager before you will be allowed to withdraw funds. Therefore, you may be allowed to claim cash back depending on the amount you have wagered during the period. Any funds won as a result of cash back promotions may also be subject to additional wagering requirements. In terms of caps, most sites will have both a minimum and maximum amount that you can claim in the form of cash back.  You should always aim to check the cash back period at any site as this could impact your request for cash back. For example, at Wink Bingo, the cash back period runs from Thursday- Wednesday.

Cashback bonuses are a great way to earn a return on bingo. They provide a great incentive as part of a loyalty scheme and offer you another chance to reclaim funds which were previously lost to you. Look out for sites which incorporate cash back bingo and take advantage today.

Free Spins

When you’re spinning on a slot it’s nice to get a freebie here and there to make the game more lucrative. These free spins bonuses can be given out by a site and you can still win big when you use them.

Best sites with free spins

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

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See website for full T&C

What are free spins?

Put simply, free spins are spins of a slot game that you don’t have to pay for. It’s not the same as playing in demo or practice mode, though. You get a number of spins to use on the real-money version of the game with real prizes to win.

Free spins are usually issued as part of a free spins bonus. Sometimes, you might get a free spins no deposit offer that gives you a set number of spins when you sign up for an account. Often, though, you’ll get free spins in addition to a deposit offer to match or better the amount you deposit to open your account.

How do you get free spins?

Slots free spins are often given out when a player joins an online bingo or slots site. However, some sites also offer free spins UK in other ways:

  • In tournaments
  • In special limited-time promotions
  • To promote a new game or popular slot
  • In conjunction with a deposit offer

Are your game choices limited?

Yes, they can be. Games tend to fall into one of two categories to be included in a free spins offer:

  • The most popular slot games on a site
  • The newest slot games on a site

The game the free spins are associated with will be promoted as part of the offer. In cases where you spin a wheel to determine the number of free spins you get, there could be three or four games you could get your free spins for.

Do you have to deposit money to get your free spins?

Not always, but again, it depends on the individual site. Sometimes, the free spins offer is provided as an extra bonus on top of your deposit bonus. That means you must make a deposit of some sort. Here are some other points to remember:

  • You can check any deposit requirements prior to claiming your free spins
  • The deposit limits are usually quite low, i.e. £10, for example
  • If you deposit cash to play with real money, think of the free spins offer as another bonus to enjoy

Can you win real money?

You can. Some sites have no wagering requirements at all. That means you can keep whatever you win from your spins. In other cases, real money is winnable but you might have to adhere to wagering limits before you can get your hands on it. The good news is the requirements are usually lower than they are for deposit bonuses.

Are there Ts and Cs to be aware of?

Yes, various terms and conditions can be attached to this deal. Here are some you might come across:

  • Free spins can only be used on a specific game
  • You may have to meet wagering requirements to cash anything out that you win
  • The deal may be time-limited

One final point – always check the terms and conditions attached to a specific deal to make sure you don’t misunderstand what you’re being offered.

Best Signup Bonuses for Mobile Bingo

So you’ve just started looking in to mobile and online bingo sites, but you’re not sure where you want to start playing. You may have noticed that a lot of sites talk about a Signup Bonus, but you might not be sure what this is. Alternatively, you might know exactly what it is but you’re not sure where to find the best ones. Luckily, we’re here to answer all the questions you may have and help you to find the best sign up bonus bingo deal for you.

What is a signup bonus?

Quite simply, a sign up bonus is a bonus which you are granted immediately on sign up, also known as a no-deposit bonus. All you have to do to get the bonus is enter your details onto the site to create and account – you don’t need to deposit or wager anything. Then you simply start spending your bonus on the site. The idea behind this is to be able to get to know what a site is like and what it has to offer, before needing to make a monetary commitment – thereby allowing you to decide if it is the right site for you. Usually a signup bonus will be somewhere between £5 and £20.

Can you get real cash from a signup bonus?

There may be some sites which offer free cash as a signup bonus, but the vast majority only offer bonus cash. However, it is possible to then win cash using your bonus, and this is essentially free cash which you have won without having to spend any of your own money. For this reason, bingo sites with free signup bonus tend to offer a lot of value for money.

Are there usually wagering requirements?

The majority of bonus deals are subject to wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a minimum amount of your own cash which you need to spend onsite before you can withdraw any of your winnings. Generally these will be a multiplication of whatever deposit you’ve made added to the amount of bonus you’ve received. Often the wagering requirements associated with signup bonuses are offered in conjunction with your first deposit bonus. So, for example, let’s say the bingo site you are signing up to has wagering requirements of 4x. If your sign up bonus is £10, you make your first deposit £10 on the site and you enjoy a first deposit bonus of £20 (200%) then all of this is added together to make £40, and then multiplied by 4 to make your final wagering requirements of £160.

However, some sites do not require wagering requirements, or else have fixed wagering requirements which are set at a very low amount, so keep an eye out for these for the very best deals.

What are the typical T & Cs to be aware of?

The aforementioned wagering requirements are important terms to know about, but also you might want to check what you can actually spend your bonus on as some sites will only allow you to spend specifically on slots or specifically on bingo.

Best signup bonuses:

So what are the best free signup bonus bingo sites? Here are just a few of our favourites:

Lady Lucks mobile casino:

Lady Lucks offer a very generous sign up bonus. Sign up to the site and get £20 in free bonus. That’s the perfect opportunity to pick up some excellent mobile wins all across the site.

888 Ladies:

888 Ladies do something a little bit different, where when you first sign up to the site you allowed three days worth of free bingo in their special newbies bingo room. Over those three days, you can win up to £888!

Wink bingo:

Similarly, Wink Bingo also offers you three days in their newbies room, where you can play for big bingo prizes, absolutely free!

Now that you know how signup bonuses work, keep an eye out for them yourself. Find the right deal and you can end up making yourself a truly incredible profit. Make sure you shop around to find the perfect offer for you. Have fun!

Mobile Bingo Sites with Refer a Friend Bonuses

If you’ve been spending a lot of time on an mobile bingo site, then you may well have noticed that many sites have an offer which is listed as a refer a friend mobile bingo bonus. However, you might be unsure of exactly what the bonus is or how to works. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide which aims to answer and questions which you may have about taking advantage of a refer a friend bonus on your mobile.

What is a refer a friend bonus?

So, the first question on your lips will probably be – what is a refer a friend bonus? To put it simply, it’s a bonus which is granted to you when one of your friends signs up to the site on your recommendation. Upon sign up, the friend names you as their referee and you can receive a bonus as a reward. Sometimes it might just be you getting a bonus, whilst the new sign up can enjoy the fantastic deposit bonuses. On other sites, both you and your friend will be eligible for a bonus. Of course, it is usually easier to convince your friend to sign up to a site and mention you if you both can benefit. However, if you love your favourite bingo site then presumably they have lots of great deals which your friend will enjoy too, with or without the additional bonus.

What types of bonuses are there?

Refer a Friend bonuses can fluctuate from site to site. On some sites, you will be able to pick up real cash by referring a friend, so it’s an easy way of making some extra dollar. However, other sites might just offer you some bonus cash, which you will be able to use to play on the site, racking up some wins. You might also be able to pick up loyalty points, which will mean that you can work your way through the site’s loyalty scheme to enjoy additional VIP privileges. There are also refer a friend bingo sites where the bonus will be different between you and your friend – you may get cash, whilst your friend may be granted bonus instead. The amount you are likely to be granted is usually around about £5 – £10.

Are there T & Cs to be aware of?

When you are taking advantage of a bonus offer, it is always vital to make sure that you pay attention to the T&Cs of the offer. For example, players who are granted real cash might need to reach specific wagering requirements before they are allowed to withdraw it for themselves. Similarly, if you are given bonus cash, then you might need to reach specific wagering requirements before you are allowed to withdraw any winnings you might have made. Both yourself and your friends should check out the wagering requirements on your specific site for this offer.

Top refer a friend mobile bingo sites:

Fancy trying out a refer a friend mobile bingo bonus for yourself? Then we’ve got good news for you! Check out the sites below to find out the best refer a friend deals.

mFortune Mobile Casino:

This mobile casino kicks off with a £5 no deposit bonus when you first sign up. When you refer a friend to the site, you’ll get another free £5, plus a 50% of whatever their first deposit is in free bonus!

LadyLucks Mobile Casino:

You can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit at Lady Lucks up to £500. Plus, recommend a friend and if they deposit on the site then you will be granted a very generous £20 in bonus to spend across the site.

888 Ladies:

This site is a lot of fun and is positively bursting with bonus, including a 400% bonus on your very first deposit! Plus, when you use the refer a friend bonus, you will be granted a free £15. Plus, your friend will be able to take advantage of the welcome bonus, as well as £2 extra free.

If you fancy cashing in on a refer a friend bonus, then why not check out some of the sites listed on this page? Enjoy!