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Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge

With the boom of mobile gaming over the last year, the demand to increase what the latest smartphone can do has grown. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, however, take mobile gaming to a new level. With their new optimised hardware, Vulkan API and enhanced UX, mobile gamers now finally have a fully-fledged mobile bingo gaming machine. Our Samsung Galaxy s7 review aims to appraise gamers on the capabilities of this new innovation.

Top Gaming Sites to Play on with Your S7

Knowing that the Samsung Galaxy S7 are revolutionising mobile gaming is great news, but what I am sure we all want to know is what sites are best to play on these new phones, and why. In this part of our Samsung Galaxy S7 review, we will look at several bingo sites and discuss why playing on your Samsung S7 Edge will make your bingo experience even better.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is one of many bingo sites who have launched mobile versions in the recent past, but it has emerged strongly against its competition for overall quality. However, if you are playing Wink Bingo on your Samsung Galaxy device your experience is going to be even better thanks to a new Vulkan API system – the next generation of graphics – which will make your display clearer and sharper than ever before. Samsung has also given these phones an improved CPU and GPU, making sure these phones more powerful than ever before, so they can easily handle even the biggest of bingo sites like Wink Bingo.

888 Ladies

888 Ladies mobile version has one of the largest selections of games we have seen on any App, but with the Samsung S7 you won’t need to worry about your battery dying thanks to the improved battery that comes with this phone, allowing to casually browse and try the multitude of games 888 has to offer on the downloadable mobile app. This will give you more choice and freedom of when you want to play.

Cheers Bingo

Although, there is nothing particularly out of this world about the Cheers Bingo, a Jumpman Gaming mobile site, using the Samsung S7 Edge will turn what would usually be a fairly standard mobile bingo experience, into a far more extraordinary one. Thanks to the thermal cooling spreader, your games will run faster than ever before, while your phone remains cool, giving you an optimum Cheers Bingo experience.

This will allow you to play for as long as your heart desire without the worry that the phone might overheat.

How S7 Edge Compares to Other Devices for Gaming

In this section, we are going to compare the Samsung S7 Edge matches up to a couple of devices for mobile gaming.

IPhone 6S

IPhone 6S is in many ways the most likely phone to compare and contrast the Galaxy S7 Edge to, as it was released the roughly the same time and is often seen as the main competition to the S7 phone. One of the biggest differences between these two phones is the running speed and overall performance quality. On the Samsung phone, they have opted to make gaming at the heart of their S7 creation and thus borne out by giving the phone a bigger and longing running battery than you have in the IPhone 6S. You will also find compared to the IPhone, when playing games on the Edge you will not get a reduced performance the longer you play thanks to the thermal cooling system keeping the battery cool, allowing for a longer fast gaming experience.

Samsung S6

If you are a fan of the Samsung S6 phone, then you will be blown away by the improvements that have been made to the S7 range of Samsung phones. As we have repeatedly seen the S7 is a gaming machine, with the new phone having new additions like Game Launcher, new Vulkan API to enhancing display graphics, as well as having 30% bigger CPU and 60% bigger GPU than Samsung S6, this Android phone is a beast.


Throughout this review, we have seen that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a tour de force in the mobile gaming industry. This will mean whether you are the lover of a casino, slot or bingo sites playing on a Samsung S7 Edge is only got to make your experience better, which surely can’t be a bad thing.

Wearable Bingo Games

Mobile gaming has now officially taken over traditional desktop gaming and more and more players are enjoying bingo on their tablet and smartphones. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the rise in wearable technology and mobile games are steadily beginning to trickle into the smartwatch industry. Naturally, as a bingo site, this has us quite excited!

While game options are still pretty limited in terms of smartwatch availability, we can honestly see potential for some smartwatch bingo options in the near future but for those that are unfamiliar with this new technology, we thought we would take a look at the device in more detail.

What is a Smartwatch?

Essentially, a smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch that has functions other than just timekeeping. Most models can perform basic tasks such as translations, calculations and basic game-playing. Smartwatches could be considered as wearable computers as they run with an operating system and can be used to download apps – much like a tablet or smartphone.

Additionally, some smartwatches can even run as media players with radio and digital audio available on some models. Also, some smartwatches have integrated Bluetooth so that devices such as a headset can be connected to the watch.

Can you use it for Gaming?

The smartwatch gaming market is still very much in a period of growth and development. While bingo games are not really available as of yet, although we hope to see some bingo options emerge in the near future! There are some wearable games available already though and these vary in structure and theme.

The games currently available are mostly adaptions of some classics and players will recognise some of the more famous titles such as Space Invaders and Sonic. For bingo players, this is still very much in its infancy, but we hope to see more games coming soon.

What Devices are Available?

A lot of companies are now producing smartwatches for the consumer market and the key is to research different products carefully to find the one that is right for you. We have managed to do a bit of research ourselves and have come up with a few products that we feel are worth checking out.

Apple Watch: As you might expect Apple continue to innovate with their products and their Apple Watch is a great product. The Series 2 is now available for customers and its main features are built in GPS and the device is water resistant up to 50 metres! It has a lightning-fast dual-core processor so will be able to play games with ease.

Android Wear: If you are more of an Android user then this gear will be a perfect choice. There are plenty of options with the 2.0 having just been released. Android Wear focuses on voice recognition and app compatibility. We love that you can receive notifications to your watch from your phone!

Samsung Gear: As you might expect, the Samsung Gear watches are of an immense quality. There are loads to choose from and they look fantastic. Essential smartphone features are available with a simple twist on the Gear 2 and there are plenty of apps and games to choose from.

Pebble: This is a great choice for those that want some great smartwatch functionality at an affordable price. Pebble devices focus on providing basic and essential smartphone compatibility options without breaking the bank. They focus on fitness apps and are the perfect companion for those that like to run!

Our Favourite Games to Play on Smartwatches

While you could argue that gaming options are limited on smartwatches, there are some interesting options to play including:

  • Vegas Fruit Slots – This charming game will have luck on your side. It’s a classic fruit machine game that works perfectly on your smartwatch. It’s bright and colourful and a tonne of fun!
  • Slingo Adventure – Everyone’s favourite puzzle franchise is now available on smartwatch and Slingo is a great choice for players with many interesting characters. It’s up to you to recover the King’s Diamond to win some big jackpots!
  • Bingo Minds – The first bingo games that we have encountered and you can play with friends via email from your smartwatch. Tonnes of fun with 75 and 90 ball on offer!

Looking to the Future

The smartwatch gaming industry is very much still in the early stages of development. Software developers are beginning to offer games designed for the wearable devices. If you have a device then why not try out Vegas Fruit Slots or Bingo Minds? We will continue to monitor developments and keep an eye out for any new bingo games should they appear in the near future!

Blackberry Bingo Sites

Of course, many online bingo sites out there offer mobile and tablet versions of their site so that players can easily access them whilst on the move. However, we don’t talk as much about how different bingo sites and games work on different devices. For example, what works well on an iOS device might not look as good on certain types of Android. In this article we will aim to answer these questions with regards to Blackberry phones, putting an emphasis on how you can benefit from playing online bingo on your Blackberry.

Top Blackberry compatible sites

What are the pros and cons of using a Blackberry to play bingo?

There are lots of ways to benefit from playing online bingo on your Blackberry compared to other mobile devices. To begin with, the most recent Blackberry devices have demonstrably larger screens, so you will be able to enjoy higher quality graphics and clearer images whilst you’re playing games. Blackberrys also generally have a better battery life, so you can enjoy bingo marathons on the move. Plus, their quad-core processors will enable you to play on more graphically impressive games, safe in the knowledge that your mobile will not crash.

So those are the benefits of playing on a battery, so what are the problems? To begin with, if you’re playing too many games, then this may end up draining your processing power. This can cause you to miss phone calls because your phone is too busy dealing with all the games.

Browser based apps vs Downloadable

There are two ways to play bingo on your phone; you can go for the option of playing on a mobile friendly website, or you can download one of many Blackberry bingo apps. Playing online carries the advantage of not having to download anything, and being able to gain access to more online bingo and slots deals and promotions. However, downloading the app means that you can continue to play free games offline, and the app has been specifically designed for your phone. You can also download apps with free bingo games for Blackberry.

Blackberry vs iPhone or Android

So, how does Blackberry match up when compared with Android and iPhone devices? All three of these devices have a very wide range of apps available. iOS is slightly better than the other two in terms of resolution, although unfortunately both Android and iOS have a faster processing time. To make your Blackberry run faster, make sure you turn off any apps you’re not using whilst playing bingo.

Now you know what’s what about playing bingo on your Blackberry, try it out for yourself. Good luck!

Windows Phone Bingo

Windows phones have been gaining popularity, since the operating system and the phones that carry it have been improving in leaps and bounds. But which are the best places to play bingo on your Windows phone?

Best Windows Phone Bingo for Real Money

Because of the popularity of mobile based bingo apps, there‘s a near infinite number of mobile Windows compatible websites. Rather than go through every  one of them, we’ve created a list of what we consider to be the best ones to try:

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Join Lucky Cow Bingo & get the 20 FREE spins on FAB slots like Chilli Heat! Spin the wheel after every deposit!

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App Examples

You can also play a fun free windows phone bingo game.

There’s a vast number of these available and we’ve got two great examples of what you can expect when you want to play bingo on windows phone devices listed below.

Bingo Star:

This amazing little app is not only free to download, it also lets you play Bingo games for free to win in-app money that you can use to unlock more games and buy more tickets.

With four unique rooms to play across and the ability to play with other players around the world as well as earn in-game achievements to show off to your friends, Bingo Star is definitely worth downloading.

AE Bingo:

A solely single player affair, AE Bingo features various rooms and two exciting game modes of that old favourite Bingo. Their classic mode has you buy tickets with in-game pretend currency to then play rounds of 32 balls Bingo in a myriad of exotic locations.

Their second mode Speed Bingo is a far faster affair, it involves 12 balls and lightning fast rounds that are over in a matter of minutes.

With built-in game achievements and the ability to customize your dauber and your cards, AE Bingo certainly provides a surprisingly fun single player experience.

Is There A Difference?

If there’s one question we’re all familiar with it’s: “Which one is better?”

This no more important than when it’s tech related, more specifically which mobile is better, a Windows phone or a iPhone and Android choice.

Although it may not initially seem like it these devices actually differ quite a lot from one another, this is most noticeable when you take a look at the apps each device can cater to.

For example the Windows phone uses its exclusive Microsoft App Store and caters more towards Microsoft based products.

That’s why you’ll only see Windows 10 compatible browser games or apps that will improve the synchronicity between you and your Microsoft devices. With iPhones and Androids you can still access these but you have to hunt around for them first.

Windows phones also tend to be compatible with only Microsoft based apps, whereas iPhones and Androids can work with a larger variety of apps.

Browser Based Websites Vs Downloadable Apps

Each of these has their own merits and issues.

For example, browser based games allow instant access whilst downloadable apps have to be downloaded and installed first. Browser games also work universally across devices whilst downloadable apps can suffer from compatibility issues.

However, downloadable apps have an offline mode, whilst browser games require a constant internet connection. Downloadable apps also allow you to connect to your content quicker since everything is already installed on your device.

Whichever one you choose, Windows phones allow you to play in style, wherever you are. Try one of the sites recommended above, and see for yourself.

Android Bingo Sites

The trend for online bingo sites these days is definitely for them to make sure they are accessible via your Smartphone!  There are heaps of great Android bingo sites that have launched recently where you can have loads of the same bingo treats on offer wherever you are!  You no longer need to be chained to a desktop to get your bingo fix!

We scoured the ‘net to bring you the best places to get your Android bingo on. Here is our top pick:

Big Tease Bingo

Big Tease Bingo

New Big Tease Bingo gives you 500% Welcome Bonus

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Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Spin the wheel with every deposit & win free bingo tickets OR up to 500 free spins!

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Browser Based Android Apps Vs Downloadable

Although they may seem similar browser based android apps and downloadable android apps are actually quite different.

For starters the browser app involves HTML pages that have been slimmed down to work with a mobile and touch screen display.

Apps on the other hand install everything into your phone rather than having to render it on a browser; apps will also download content that you can access offline without any internet connection whatsoever.

However both come with their own pros and cons, the browser for example instantly allow you to access your content, whilst apps require that you download and install the app first before you can do anything.

There’s also an issue of compatibility, browsers can be accessed across a range of different devices whereas the downloadable apps can be a bit temperamental depending on the device you’re using.

Browsers are also regularly updated by the owners whereas apps require the user to physically check for updates and to sit and download a subsequent update.

However the downloadable apps have quite a number of benefits, for one they are better for gaming as they load the games quicker and the apps can also be personalised to cater to a user’s specific tastes.

Apps can also use extra features of your device for gameplay such as motion controls or the inbuilt camera or microphone.

Finally Apps often require no online connection to run, so you could play your favourite games without any connection, whereas with browsers you need to have a stable connection to load a single page.

Overall both have their flaws and positive aspects and what one you decide to choose is all down to personal tastes.

Real Money Apps Vs Just For Fun

The main difference between the just for fun and ‘real money’ apps is that the ‘just for fun’ are played for a good time and players don’t take the game seriously and the ‘real money’ games are played with one goal in mind, to make money as fast as possible.

Most of the ‘just for fun’ games have social media compatibility, so you can share your scores, victories and good times with your friends over your Facebook newsfeed.

The ‘Just for fun’ apps will also occasionally have free android bingo tournaments for real cash, although it’s never for large amounts with most having a jackpot of £10 at most.

Then there’s the ‘real money’ apps, these are played far more seriously and involve real cash being wagered for an expected return of larger amounts.

‘Real money’ apps have a bit of an extra bonus in that they tend to have more games available for you to play for a bit of variety.

Overall ‘just for fun’ apps are great for introducing you to bingo for android, but if you really want to earn cash then you should switch to a ‘real money’ bingo app for android.

Android Bingo vs iPhone Bingo

Androids have larger screens giving you a bigger surface and better resolution. Some devices also load games faster than iPhones.

However they have compatibility problems with certain websites and games, but that depends on the type of device you’re using.

iPhones can play the latest games without worrying about this problem. Although their downside is that the screens are smaller and the resolution isn’t as great.

So here you have it – the full scoop on Android bingo apps & sites. Go on, play and enjoy!

Bingo Sites for iPad

The latest trend is definitely enjoying your favourite games from your hand held device and for a lot of us that is of course the iPad. You will find there are more and more bingo sites that are now supporting iPhone and iPads which gives you the advantage of being able to enjoy your favourite pastime no matter where you are. So why not have a look at some of the top iPad bingo sites available?

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Join Lucky Cow Bingo & get the 20 FREE spins on FAB slots like Chilli Heat! Spin the wheel after every deposit!

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Advantages of using an iPad?

There are definitely some advantages in using an iPad over other tablet devices. Firstly because there are many more bingo sites that are available on iOS devices giving you much more choice when it comes to which brand you want to play on. The iPad mini 4 for example has proven to be extremely popular when it comes to bingo – the reason for this is that it has a brilliant screen so the graphics and animations of the games themselves are fantastic. The iPad Pro that has only recently launched has also improved things for bingo and slots fans as it has an expansive screen and top speakers, making the games truly come to life.

Other tablets have their advantages too though of course. The Android Sony Xperia has a better battery life, and there is definitely nothing worse than thinking you are about to win at bingo – and it cutting out! It’s also thin and light making it much more easily to take on the go. Some of the Samsung tablets have poor keyboards which can be problematic if you want to type quickly on those chat games so we would bear that in mind.

Bingo Bonuses

When first joining an iPad bingo site – you will find that there is a flurry of bonuses that you should be on the lookout for:

No Deposit Bonuses

This is usually given as soon as you register your card details with a no deposit site. This means that you can try out a selection of their games before you make a deposit.

Welcome Bonuses

This is usually a bonus that will be added on top of your first deposit. They can range from anything from a 100% bonus up to a whopping 500% bonus depending on the site you join. There are terms and conditions that you need to look out for.

Pros and Cons of Playing for Free

Just like with everything there are pros and cons regarding playing for free. Of course we all like a freebie and it is good to be able to try a site out for size before parting with your hard earned cash.

There are some terms and conditions though of course. For example there will normally be wagering requirements attached, which means you need to deposit a certain amount before being able to withdraw.

Free iPad Bingo Games

There are lots of free bingo apps for iPad such as:

Bingo Blitz

This is one of the original games for iPad – taking the bingo world by storm. Bingo Blitz has lots of cool features allowing you to power up and make your way through cities and uncover more games.

Bingo Lane

This game was developed by Gamesey’s who you may be familiar with if you have played on sites like Jackpotjoy Bingo. It has lots of different themed rooms, slots the chance to chat to your friends when playing and the opportunity to win free tickets every 15 minutes.

In Summary

These are just a small selection of our top iPad bingo sites, but there are still tons more to try – such as social free bingo apps for iPad. Some of the ‘Joy of Bingo’ sites such as Wink Bingo are already available on iPad as is mFortune, the rest of the ‘Joy of Bingo’ sites will be following suit shortly. You can see other bingo friendly phones here.

Bingo With Kindle Fire

Kindle’s originally started out more suited to being used just as e-readers. This worked out well for a time, Amazon doing good business and selling lots of the devices. However, this all changed with the wave of high-tech tablet devices now on the market. Amazon heavily upgraded its original Kindle to develop the more innovative Kindle Fire.

These devices are now a serious option for playing online bingo on them. But there are a couple of tricks to learn…

Compatible Sites

When it comes to compatibility, Kindle Fire players are safe to try sites that accept Android devices. Android is a really functional platform on which virtually all devices powered by it will work.

Real Money Games

We can recommend you the following best bingo sites for kindle fire, on which you can play for real money:

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow is compatible with all mobile devices, including Kindle Fire.

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Free Apps

Free bingo apps are perfect when you want to have a little fun trying some different. Unlike the average Droid phone, instead of looking on Google Play for bingo apps, you need to look on Amazon. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are plenty of free apps in the app store:

  • Bingo Blitz – It is an incredibly popular app that lets you connect with potentially 14 million through Facebook as well as the app on Amazon.
  • Bingo Heaven – More than 100,000 users have downloaded this app. It has bingo as well as other fun mini-games to play and is also available for Kindle tablets.
  • Math Bingo – This is an educational version of bingo perfect to help the kids’ math skills and is another game that has been specially optimised for Kindles. For more information see the app’s page on

Kindle’s Android OS

The operating systems on Kindle Fires are customised versions of the standard Android ones. These customised operating systems feature the same odd food-based names but with different functionality.

1st Version

The first Kindle operation system was based on Gingerbread – Android version 2.3. By customising Gingerbread, Amazon sent ripples running through Google’s world.

Kindle Fire HD

The new Kindle operates with a version of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This platform has been customised so that it works with cloud computing services provided by Amazon.

In both cases native apps designed for Android operating systems may or may not work. Happily, bingo sites optimised for mobile devices in general should still look good and play well. More and more sites are choosing to make mobile-friendly designs instead of developing completely new applications.

So what are you waiting for? Play some bingo for fun or for real money on your Kindle Fire!

Motorola Bingo

If you do not have an iPhone or Android then you will most likely feel a little put out when it comes to finding mobile bingo action. It needn’t be so! Whether you’re Motorola handset is running Windows or Android there is a perfect phone-friendly bingo game out there for you :).

Motorola Bingo Sites

If you fancy bagging bingo action as well as bonuses and free bingo gaming then try:

Most sites do tend to simply specify that they are compatible with iPhones or Android and simply bundle everything else beneath the “Smartphone” category and expect you to guess at whether or not your phone will be accepted. Whilst this might seems a little unfair, the good news is that pretty much ALL phones that are classed as Smartphones will be accepted, and of course this includes the lesser-popular but still extremely impressive Motorola devices.

The Motorola Phone

Motorola is not one of the most popular Smartphones but that does not mean that mobile bingo sites have not developed their software for use on these phones. The thing that you may not know is that whilst most people think that Motorola is simply a Smartphone with their own operating system – like the Windows Phones that use their own OS – Motorola phones actually use the classic Android OS which is originated by a system (Linux) supported by Google.

This places a Motorola bingo device into a league of their own – they can be classed as both Smartphone AND Android. This means that if you have one of these magical little devices, you can play ANY bingo mobile game or download any app compatible with Android phones!

Whether you have a Motorola Droid (of which a massive 250K were sold in the UK!), a RAZR or even the older Q9 versions, you will be able to catch excellent bingo action.

Google Play

Of course you can download the bingo apps available at Mecca Bingo using this phone, but you can also download bingo apps from other sources. You will get your apps from Google Play as opposed to the Android Market, but you will find tonnes of mobile bingo games that you can play for fun or for real! The fantastic thing is that all the big, famous bingo apps that can be played on iPhone and Android are also available for your Motorola! These include:

  • Pocket Bingo
  • Bingo Bash
  • Bingo Blitz
  • Lucky Bingo
  • Bingo Madness
  • 88Bingo

And tonnes more! These can all be downloaded from Google Play – which also offers Android Apps – absolutely free.

Check out a cool Facebook bingo app that has over 200,000 monthly users, see it here.

HTC Bingo Games

Phones like HTC’s One S may just be the best thing since someone first sliced bread but playing bingo is still not straightforward. Perhaps our guide can help.

The Best Bingo Apps for HTC Phones

You can play just-for-fun or real money bingo games – the choice is yours, you just have to know where to find it. If you want free mobile bingo gaming, there are plenty of options open to you:

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Join Lucky Cow Bingo & get the 20 FREE spins on FAB slots like Chilli Heat! Spin the wheel after every deposit!

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When you load an online bingo site in search for mobile bingo, you will see that there are games on offer for all types of phones, from Android and iPhone to Blackberry and Smartphones. When you see the word “smartphone” that tends to embody lots of different phones, like the swanky Windows Phones, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Erikson and of course the excellent HTC phones. That means that when a site does claim that they offer smartphone bingo apps, the HTC devices are always covered within that bracket.

HTC Phones

There are tonnes of different HTC phones, from the HTC Desire C to the HTC One, HTC Hero and oodles more, but because they all use the same operating system – a Linux system that has been designed exclusively for touch screen – it does not matter which fancy HTC device you happen to hold. Because of all the different types of phones, they have ensured that each and every single one of them is compatible with every screen resolution, especially the most common HTC screen resolution of 960×540.

So that sums things up – go ahead and enjoy free bingo apps on your HTC, for the chance of winning real money!

LG Bingo

LG’s Smartphones are some of the most impressive and popular Android phones ever made and because of this we are celebrating the fantastic LG-friendly bingo that you can scoop at some of the top bingo sites in the UK.

LG Bingo Sites

The great thing is that LG phones use the same Android OS – the Symbian Operating System – as all of the other phones, so you don’t have to look specifically for LG gaming.  As long as a site states that they offer Android bingo, you will be able to play via you LG phone or even the amazing Android tablets.  The top sites offering gaming for LG phones are:

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo

Spin the wheel with every deposit & win free bingo tickets OR up to 500 free spins!

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LG Bingo for Fun

Some of the very best free bingo apps have been developed for Android users.  You can grab the fantastic:

  • Bingo Heaven – this free app is on offer for all LG phones of 2.2 and above.  Play their fab collection of 75 ball bingo games and be blown away by the graphics and design.
  • Bingo Blitz – this is perhaps the biggest known mobile bingo app in the entire world and can even be played via Facebook.  Download for free and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are playing the number one bingo franchise game in the world!  Play their 75 ball bingo games progress to different countries and bag free coins in the collection and challenge games AND take part in oodles of bingo tournaments, all from your LG phone of 2.2 and above.

Take more bingo oodles and make your day. If you are a Linux system user, check out the coolest & latest at HTC Bingo Games.