Samsung Bingo

You’ve got one of the best phones on the planet, you need a great bingo app! Check our selected pick for Samsung phones!

The smartphone industry is getting rather busy, but the one that stands out from the rest of the crowd is the Samsung Galaxy S.

Best Galaxy for Bingo

The main reason this phone is so popular is because of its excellent graphics and screen, this enable players to enjoy the gaming experience on their phones.

Apparently there have been more than 25 million galaxy S mobile phones bought across the globe, making this one of the most popular brands on the market today!

All these phones work on the ANDROID system which was developed by the famous Google and the phones come with some apps already installed on them.  You can download and install your favourite games straight from the Android market too! Looking for bingo apps for iPhone??

 Samsung Bingo Apps 

Mobile bingo and slots apps are said to be one of the biggest and most popular apps ever and is getting bigger by the minutes.  If you choose to use web applications like the ones made by Jackpot City Bingo, then you will have the thrill of playing Samsung bingo and slots just as if you were playing at the REAL casino but the difference being you can play them on your phone from anywhere your heart desires!

When you download the app it is very simple and installation is fast and very easy to follow.  Once you are past the installation process then you have to register an account with Jackpot City or mFortune.  Then make your first deposit and you’re free to play the games and hopefully win big! Big! Big!