Dr Dab Bingo App

The Dr Dab bingo app is a revolutionary way to play bingo online. Never has the game felt closer to the real bingo hall experience! With this app, you can test your bingo skills against others and win great prizes. With its incorporation of pioneering new features, this is an app that brings bingo firmly into the 21st century! Don’t take our word for it, grab your nearest mobile device and download the app today.

Getting Started at Dr Dab Bingo

Dr Dab bingo is only available on mobile devices, so you’ll have to grab your mobile or tablet to take in this excellent app. One you’ve downloaded the app from the app store, it’s time to get started. You can play bingo as a guest or create an account. Signing up is the smart option, as new players are gifted with a spectacular welcome bonus of 1,000 coins and 50 power-ups. Coins and power-ups are the currency of Dr Dab bingo, so you’ll want to get acquainted. Power ups are additional helpers in your bingo quest. Each is unique and can range from a cool joker to a panic button.

Dr Dab Bingo Promotions

Dr Dab Bingo on mobile works a little differently from other bingo sites you may be used to playing on. At this site, you earn unique power-ups by dabbing with speed and accuracy. These power-ups will give you the edge in a game.

The game utilises in-app purchases to allow you to top up with ease. Whether you wish to buy volts or coins, the game offers a number of multi-buy promotions to ensure you grab a bargain. The app provides players with 6 different power up packages and a further 7 different coin stacks. Choose which suits your gaming needs best. Keep in mind that the more you buy, the less your cost per item will be.

Games Available at Dr Dab Bingo

Dr Dab Bingo app is just that, a bingo app. It does not provide gamers with any slot or casino games. Its main feature is to provide gamers with the most realistic bingo experience that can be gained online. At present, the app only stocks games of the 90 ball bingo variety. However, there are plans to further incorporate the 75 ball game.

Play bingo to work your way up the levels from the red and blue games to the cupcake games room. As you make your way through the different games rooms, the tickets cost more and the jackpots grow. Customise your settings to tailor your bingo experience to your own taste. Background music, caller sound and lobby music can all be personalised in the settings tab. Upgrade to the deluxe version of the app for even more features.

Summing up Dr Dab Bingo

This app provides you with an authentic bingo experience. For those who love the active bingo game experience native to bingo halls, this app is the perfect online alternative. You can even link the app to your favourite social media platform to challenge your friends. Our Dr Dab bingo review concludes with a massive thumbs up!

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