Emoji Bingo on Mecca

Emoji’s were invented way back in 1998 but have really became popular in the last few years. This has led to emoji’s being everywhere; on clothes, accessories, car stickers and more. Now Mecca Bingo are jumping on this trend with their latest offering: Emoji Bingo.

The Rules

This game is similar to a 90 ball game, where you race against other players to mark off your numbers or emoji’s first. The emoji being called will appear at the top of the screen and you’ll pop the matching symbol on your card to mark it off.

This is a familiar way to play bingo for many but with an added twist that makes it more modern and fun. You’ll see your favourite symbols, maybe the ones you send to friends and family, and you can gleefully pop them to get closer to a win.

How to Download

Emoji Bingo on Mecca is exclusively for Apple users, so you need an iPhone or iPad to join in all the fun. Head over to the Apple Store from your device and type in the name of the game and you’ll be presented with the option to download it. Every game on this store is thoroughly vetted by Apple, so your details are safe here.

From there it’s really simple to use your Mecca Bingo login information or set up a new account with the site. This is exclusive to this operator so you won’t be able to play the game anywhere else.

Ticket Prices and Jackpots

This game features a really interesting way to play on two levels. The ticket price is selected by the player, so it can suit any budget, and when a pay-out is made it’s based on the amount paid in. Each portion of the ticket price goes to a progressive jackpot that grows with each passing bingo.

The second way in which this game is different is that when a winner is made in 19 calls or less everyone in the room wins. 50% goes to the player and the other half is shared in a community jackpot. This ups your chances of winning each time you play, and if you go for a small ticket price you can join in with as many as you like.

The Strategy

To do well on this game it’s more about the quantity of games that you take part in. You can go for a lower ticket price and build up a balance by being paid out on community jackpots before purchasing a larger ticket with a better return. This way you’re banking up your cash before spending it and getting to play in loads of bingo games.

Our Conclusion

With our Emoji Bingo review at an end it’s time for a verdict! This game was a really enjoyable way to take a break from regular 90 ball bingo and the communal jackpot on each win is a big draw. Add that to the fact that you can select your own ticket price and this game is on to a winner.