European Roulette for Mobile Bingo

There’s one table game that’s an absolute classic that everyone needs to play at least once and that’s European Roulette.

Sites Offering European Roulette

Because European Roulette is such an iconic game there are tons of sites that give you access to it in their gaming libraries.  We’ve picked out a couple of the best mobile friendly websites that you can try.


Registering an account on mFortune will land you £5 free to test out their games. Plus make a deposit and you’ll be given a 100% match bonus that will double your money.

Wink Bingo

At Wink Bingo you’ll be able to claim a 250% bonus on your first deposit of at least £5. Or deposit a minimum of £10 and you’ll also get to try their ‘Spin the Wheel’ bonus that will give you a guaranteed cash prize of up to £1,000.

Lucky Touch Bingo

Over at Lucky Touch Bingo you’ll be able to claim a £10 no-deposit bonus as well as a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus on top of your first deposit of at least £10.

Why Is European Roulette Better Than American?

European Roulette tends to be better and more popular than its American counterpart because these single green zero games tend to come with a higher RTP, which for those not familiar means ‘Return to Player’. RTP is the percentage of cash that you’ll get back from wagers on a game and the higher a games RTP, the more money you’ll get out of it.

Why Play Roulette Instead of Bingo?

Variety is the spice of life, so if you haven’t already tried European Roulette – you should definitely give it a go.

For starters there’s tons of different ways to win, you can make single number bets, colour bets, wagers on odds and evens or entire columns of numbers.

Also each section of the board comes with its own odds on payouts that can land you a ton of extra cash. For example, the odd and even wager spaces come with odds of 1:1, the ‘12’ section squares have 2:1 odds and the single number spaces have odds of 35:1.

Why Should You Play Bingo?

If you’re still not sold on European Roulette then you could always stick to bingo.

This classic game is simpler and unlike Roulette it’s more catered towards the social bingo experience.

With bingo the whole idea is one of getting a group of players together to have fun, win some money and generally enjoy themselves in a welcoming and overall social atmosphere.

They normally manage this through their easy-to-use chat window and although some of the Live European Roulette games do have a chat function it’s rarely used as much as it is in bingo.

If you want to have fun with other player’s then stick to bingo, but if you want something that requires a bit more thought, skill and a lot of luck then try downloading European Roulette for your mobile.