Facebook Bingo

Social media is booming like never before, with numerous apps and games now available to enjoy and play with friends. Facebook bingo taps into the millions of people on the site who love the game and like to play from home for convenience.

Additionally, there are many bingo brands tapping into the social media market, creating Facebook pages to promote their bingo games.

Sites with best FB offers

Lady Lucks

Look near the bottom of the Lady Lucks home page and you’ll see links to both Facebook and Twitter. Follow them there to keep up with the latest news and to be in with a chance for bonuses…


mFortune also has social pages on FB and Twitter. Follow their FB account for a chance to win special competitions, the occasional Facebook bonus and some account credits if you’re lucky!


If you like Cheers Bingo on Facebook, you will be rewarded with 5,000 loyalty points! How’s that for a reason to follow them from today onwards?

Facebook Gameroom

FB used to be about socialising. Now it’s about combining that with gaming, hence the new Facebook Gameroom feature. Here are just some of the perks to come:

  • Available for Windows 7 or better
  • It makes desktop gaming easier
  • No distractions from your news feed
  • No need to log into Facebook to use it

Facebook Bingo apps

You’ve got two options when playing bingo:

  1. Play just for fun
  2. Play for real cash prizes

So, which is best? Well, it depends on several things. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the features of each so you can weigh up one against the other.

Playing for fun:

  1. Doesn’t cost anything
  2. You can play with friends and family members
  3. You can enjoy bingo without having to worry about your budget
  4. There can be other things to win, such as badges, points and social status!

Playing for real bingo prizes:

  1. You can play games for pennies and up
  2. There are real cash prizes to win
  3. There are plenty of bingo sites offering paid games
  4. You can still enjoy a social element in some cases

Bingo Blitz

With over 5.2 million likes, this app is very popular and has a mobile app to make access to fun bingo games easier than ever.

Bingo Bash

Fancy having a ‘bash’ at playing bingo by liking this page? Per their info, this is the largest social bingo game on Facebook today.

Tips to get more from FB bingo

If you’re new to Facebook bingo, it might take a while to get used to how it works and how to make the most of your gaming there. We thought we’d highlight a couple of ways to enjoy the experience even more:

  1. Stay alert for special offers – most pages have special perks and offers from time to time
  2. Earn loyalty points – the more you play, the more likely it is you can earn loyalty points, which in turn can unlock bonuses and other features, depending on the app

Bingo brands and FB

Bingo on Facebook isn’t hard to find. Not only do you have several bingo apps with their own followings, you also have other pages set up by external bingo sites. Some are for real-life bingo halls but others are for websites running bingo games. There are many advantages to doing this for the brands, as you’ll see here:

  • They can interact with you more easily
  • It develops brand awareness and loyalty among members
  • It’s an easy way to update you on their latest developments

And of course, it’s great for you as well:

  1. You get access to special bonuses and promotions
  2. You can see sneak peeks of new games before everyone else
  3. They provide special deals and offers from time to time

So, now you know something about Facebook bingo, you can decide which apps to try, which pages to like and how to make the most of the social element of bingo. Have fun!