In Depth: Wagering Requirements

Low, no, or high – those are the three possibilities you’ll come across when exploring the concept of wagering requirements. The more you understand about them, the easier it is to find sites that offer good deals. So, let’s get all the details.

What are wagering requirements and why do they exist?

These are requirements that indicate how much you need to wager on a website before being able to cash out any winnings. You might also see the word ‘playthrough’ associated with this.

They exist to make sure people don’t claim a bonus and cash it out before betting any real money on the site. If bingo and casino sites didn’t use them, they could well go out of business very quickly indeed.

The details – how do they work?

Wagering requirements are normally attached to a welcome bonus. The small print will include information on the wagering requirements for that bonus, and the playthrough requirements, too.

Let’s view an example:

  • A bingo site is offering a 200% bonus for new players
  • There is a 3x playthrough requirements in the T&Cs for this bonus

So far, so good. That means you might deposit £100 and receive £200 added to that as your bonus. This means you have £300 sitting in your newly-opened account.

Normally, the playthrough requirement will have several features:

  • It will always be a multiple, i.e. the 3x playthrough in our example
  • It will usually apply to the combined amount of the deposit and the bonus, rather than one or the other
  • You cannot withdraw anything until you have met the playthrough requirements

In our example, the wagering requirements would work like this:

  • You start with £300
  • The playthrough requirement of 3x would equal £900 in this instance
  • This means you must wager that amount at least to be able to withdraw anything
  • If the playthrough only applied to the bonus, it would equal £600 instead

Are all wagering requirements the same?

No. We’ve put together some examples here for you, so you know what to look out for.

Bonuses vs deposits

There are three ways the playthrough multiple may be arrived at:

  • Applied to deposit amount only
  • Applied to bonus amount only
  • Applied to both deposit and bonus added together

These obviously make a big difference to the end amount you need to playthrough to benefit from being able to withdraw.

Different withdrawal times

  • You may come across the following examples of minimum withdrawal limits on bingo sites:
  • Sites where you must meet wagering requirements before withdrawing
  • Sites where you can withdraw early, but you lose your bonus in doing so

Different wagering requirements according to how you pay

Some sites alter their wagering requirements if you pay with e-wallets or vouchers, compared with other deposit methods. Glossy Bingo has this in force for players depositing with these methods:

These instances may also apply the wagering requirements to both the deposit and the bonus, rather than just the bonus. It is often better to use another deposit method, as this rule is seen on several sites.

Are there time limits on wagering requirements?

Yes, there can be. These will be indicated in the T&Cs, so do make sure you read them. If you do not meet the terms of the wagering requirements before the set date, you will lose the bonus.

You may also lose any winnings associated with that bonus, so bear this in mind. Usually, the bonus will last either a week or a month, but it rarely lasts longer than that.

Are there sites with no wagering requirements?

Yes! Isn’t that great news? The recent launch of the Real Money Bingo Network from Dragonfish has seen several no-wager sites become available for players to enjoy. These include:

Other sites also have bonuses on offer with no wagering requirements attached, including:

This means you can grab the welcome package, enjoy playing with the bonus money you’re given, and withdraw anything you win (once you’ve hit the minimum withdrawal limit). The size of the bonus will be smaller, of course, but with no requirements attached to it, it’s worth grabbing!

Factors to consider

While there are no wagering requirements bingo sites around, there could be other factors that may have an impact on your winnings:

  • Welcome package – how good is it?
  • Deposit bonuses – how big is the bonus and can you playthrough it easily or not?
  • Cashback on losses – some sites offer this to boost your balance if you lose
  • RTP – the higher the return-to-player percentage a game has, the better the odds of winning some cash from it

Size matters…

There are plenty of ways to play online games and have fun. But if you have a wagering requirement to meet, you must consider how you will win enough to meet that requirement.

For example, if you’re playing £100 per game or spin, a wagering requirement will be far easier to hit than if you play just £1 (or even a penny) per spin or game. So, think about your bet level, and about how likely it is you’ll meet the conditions placed on you when claiming a bonus with attached wagering requirements.

Ts and Cs on wagering requirements

Make sure you read the terms and conditions attached to any site with or without wagering requirements in place. Sometimes, the requirements may differ according to the games you play:

  • Bonuses may differ for slots, for bingo, or for table games
  • There may be withdrawal limits that could impact what you can withdraw if you win
  • There could be a maximum amount you can win if you’re using a bonus with no wagering requirements attached, i.e. ‘max win from bonus is £10’

Try your luck at bingo sites with no wagering requirements today

Now you have the lowdown on bingo sites with low wagering requirements, no wagering requirements, or higher requirements, you’ll know exactly where to go and how to play. Good luck!