Britain’s Got Talent App

Mecca Bingo is becoming well known for its bingo apps and it didn’t surprise us when recently, we heard about the new app called “Britain’s Got Talent Bingo App’!

The app is exclusive to Mecca Bingo users only. It is believed Britain’s Got Talent app has become a HUGE hit with players who play the game on their Android mobile phones.

How to Obtain the App

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions for how to get started:

  • You can login to the account with your current Mecca Bingo Details or register an account online or via your mobile.
  • Once you’re in the game click Play GAME button for the next game.
  • Pick Three Lucky Numbers.
  • Purchase a minimum of 6 tickets to participate!
  • The game will play just like as if you were playing at Mecca Bingo Online.
  • If you DOUBLE TAP the ball in the left hand corner of the screen, you can view the numbers that have been called for that game.
  • Double TAP on the tickets to zoom in and out of your cards you have in play.

The most exciting news about this app is at the end of the game players will receive a free scratch card and you could win up to £10.00 free!