mFortune Cat and Mouse Slot

If you’re stuck for a new slot to play on your phone whilst you’re out and about then look no further than the excellent Cat and Mouse slot game over at mFortune!


This mFortune mobile compatible game has a simple and minimalist design. They rely heavily on their fun cartoon style which brings across this great Saturday morning kids TV show vibe to it. You feel like you’re sat about to watch a hilarious episode of Tom and Jerry as it uses a bright colour palette and a cartoon Cat and Mouse that torment each other throughout the game.

It even continues this hilarious theme throughout the items its stuck inside the reels. For example they’ve got comically large Cheese wedges, Mouse traps, the Mouse and its Kitty nemesis in their own squares and a Mouse peeking his head out a hole as the Scatter.


You don’t need to be a Vet to figure out how to subdue these two angry animals and win a prize as it’s extremely easy to start playing. You’re given 5 reels and 9 paylines to play across and you can alter the number of lines and the size of your wager on each round at will using the handy onscreen options of ‘Line’ and ‘Bet’.

In the topic of wagers, you’ll find that this game is fairly cheap to play as you can bet as low as 10p or as high as £1. So even if you don’t have a ton of cash you can still enjoy these great games.

Bonus Features

You’ll certainly feel like the Cat that’s got the cream when you win big with the bonus features that this game has in-store for you.

The first thing you’ll get to play with is the Wilds, shown as the rather cute looking cartoon mouse these Mice filled squares will substitute for other items in your combos apart from Scatters and Mouse Hole bonus squares.

The next fun feature is the Cat & Mouse Chase Trail. This bonus is unlocked by landing 2 or more of the Mouse Hole symbols on the reel, after it triggers you’ll get to play a unique board game that has the Mouse running from the Cat on it.

The trick to winning is to stay far ahead of this killer Kitten for as long as possible because the longer you stay ahead the bigger your prize will be.

Last but not least is the Free Spin round, launched by hitting 3 or more Scatters on the reels this bonus will give you a set number of turns based on the number of symbols you used.

For example, 2 Scatters gives you 5 spins, 4 gives you 7 and all 5 will reward you with 9.

Our Summary

Overall this slot game has got fun gameplay, its design is delightful and the bonus rounds keep things interesting and fresh. It’s a superb slot game and one you definitely need to try!