Mobile Bingo Sites with BOGOF Bonus

One of the best things about mobile bingo sites is the great deals that players can always find. Promotions vary from site to site, offering everything from bonus cash to free spins, great value bingo tickets and even the chance to turn your loyalty points into real prizes. One deal which is becoming pretty common lately is the BOGOF promo.

What does BOGOF mean?

It’s all very well talking about how great it that bingo sites are starting to open up a new BOGOF bingo room now and then, but what does BOGOF actually mean? Essentially, it stands for buy one, get one free. This means that you can look forward to 2 for 1 bingo cards in any room or game marked BOGOF. If you’re looking for great value bingo, and you would like something for free (who doesn’t love something for nothing?) then this is a top bingo offer to find.

The one thing about a BOGOF offer however is that you do have to pay something in, in order to receive your freebie. It’s not like no deposit bingo where you can simply join and get a bonus completely free. Usually when making use of a BOGOF deal, you’ll have to purchase something with cash first of all, in order to get the same again free.

What are some typical BOGOF offers?

The most common BOGOF offer is to have buy one get one free tickets on a bingo game. Depending on the site you play at, you could be fortunate enough to find a whole bingo room dedicated to BOGOF games, open daily. However more often than not, you’ll find a site which typically offers BOGOF games as part of a bigger promotion, or within a set time frame in a bingo room. Some sites may host these games at the same time every day or week, whereas others might offer BOGOF bingo at random.

It’s not just bingo tickets that can come with a buy one, get one free deal attached – it’s not uncommon for players to find themselves with free spins if they spend a certain amount on a game. This is usually attributed to brand new slot games which sites are eager for you to try out, and may tell you that you can get £10 of spins free if you spend £10 cash on the new game. Essentially this is BOGOF, as you are spending cash on spins, to get the same amount of spins free again.

BOGOF Offers at different bingo sites

As this deal becomes more popular, it’s not difficult to find BOGOF deals at your favourite bingo sites. Here are just a few of the best places to play BOGOF bingo, and the offers you can expect to find:

888 Ladies Bingo

– This bingo site offers players the chance to play for £100 in the special BOGOF bingo games that run every single day! Hosted in the sites very own BOGOF bingo room which can be found under the Specials tab, players can enjoy twice their usual bingo fun from 9pm. With a £100 jackpot up for grabs in this 90 ball game, and tickets costing just 25p each, you’d be mad to miss out.

Bingo Hollywood

– Join the glitz and glam of Bingo Hollywood where there are plenty of great value bingo games to be played – especially during Happy Hour! The special Happy Hour games take place from 7pm until 8pm each day and not only offer BOGOF tickets, but also the chance to win Double Bubble SPs in chat games too!

Wink Bingo

– Unlike the other sites above, Wink Bingo doesn’t have a dedicated BOGOF room, however players should keep their eyes peeled for BOGOF offers sprining up within regular games rooms or as part of wider promotions.