Mobile Bingo Sites with Cashback Bonuses

Although many online gamers may be familiar with deposit bonuses, they may not be so familiar with other bonus alternatives. Another popular way to give players an extra boost is to offer cash back bonuses. To save you scouring the web for sites which incorporate online bingo cashback, we’ve created a list of the best sites for you to check out.

What is a cashback bonus?

A cash back bonus is a promotion which allows a player to reclaim a percentage of funds already wagered and lost. Cashback bonuses are often linked to a site’s loyalty scheme. Therefore the higher up the loyalty scheme you are, the more cash you will be able to claim back. As part of a promotion, you’ll be able to apply for lost funds. For example, at Wink Bingo to be guaranteed the maximum of 10% cash back you will have to be a Diamond player. Lower levels on the loyalty tier such as Ruby or Sapphire will be granted 5%, 8% or 10% depending on the level of deposits, withdrawals, reversals and wages during the cashback period.

Compared to other bonuses?

There are a number of other bonuses, as mentioned earlier. The most common of these is the deposit bonus. A deposit bonus can often by gained as a welcome bonus. The will be credited instantly and the credit is there before the customer plays any of the games on site. With a cashback bonus, you will usually have to apply to your account operator in order to have your credit returned to you. A deposit bonus is often generated from a code whilst a cashback bonus will generally be considered on an individual basis.

Can you get real money back?

Usually, no. Most sites which offer cash back will offer it in the form of gaming credit. You will be able to use these funds to play for real cash. You should check the terms of the site you are playing on to make yourself aware of the terms and conditions surrounding cashback bonuses.

Are there wagering requirements or caps?

Many sites will impose both wagering requirements and caps on cashback bonuses. The level of these will depend on which site you are playing at. Wagering requirements are the level of cash you will need to deposit or wager before you will be allowed to withdraw funds. Therefore, you may be allowed to claim cash back depending on the amount you have wagered during the period. Any funds won as a result of cash back promotions may also be subject to additional wagering requirements. In terms of caps, most sites will have both a minimum and maximum amount that you can claim in the form of cash back.  You should always aim to check the cash back period at any site as this could impact your request for cash back. For example, at Wink Bingo, the cash back period runs from Thursday- Wednesday.

Cashback bonuses are a great way to earn a return on bingo. They provide a great incentive as part of a loyalty scheme and offer you another chance to reclaim funds which were previously lost to you. Look out for sites which incorporate cash back bingo and take advantage today.