Mobile Sites with Chat Games

If you’re relatively new to the bingo scene, you may have noticed that some sites offer mobile chat games. However, you may not be totally sure of what chat games actually are and how you play them. Luckily, we’ve put together this helpful article which will tell you everything you need to know about online bingo chat games and how to enjoy them.

What are bingo chat games?

There’s really nothing particularly complicated about chat games. You may have noticed that most bingo rooms come with a side chat window in which players can talk to each other and make friends. Sometimes these chat windows will have short games playing out in them, where players can win prizes. The games are free to play, and you can play them alongside the main bingo game. The games typically offer lots of different prizes, including loyalty points, deposit code bonuses and real cash prizes.

What makes bingo chat games so fun?

Chat games are definitely a lot of fun and worth joining in if you get the chance. What makes them so good is that you get to talk to people whilst you play, adding an additional social element which surpasses simply having the chat on at the side whilst you play the main game. The variety of prizes on offer also helps add to the excitement.

What are chat masters/moderators?

Chat mods are basically there to make sure that there is no abuse, bullying or bad language taking place within the chat section. They will keep an eye out for swearing and for any players in the room who are being nasty or harsh to other players, ensuring that the chat room keeps being a fun and safe environment in which to play.

What is the usual chat game etiquette?

At first, you might be a bit unsure of what the etiquette is for chat games, so here are a few hints and tips for you to be aware of. For one thing, it’s important to remember that even though you can’t see the people behind the screen, that doesn’t mean that they’re not real people. Therefore, you should treat them with as much respect as you would in real life. This might seem like common sense, but not everyone seems to realise this! It’s also helpful to lurk in the chat room a little bit to find out about the personalities of other players, before making any jokes or personal comments, as you don’t want to accidentally offend anyone. Players may be penalised and maybe even banned for harsh language towards others, so make sure you keep a tab on this when you are typing.

Chat game lingo:

Another thing which also might confuse new players is chat game lingo. As you’re playing, you may notice that other people in the room use phrases and words which you don’t understand. If you’re not quite up to date, then here are a few chat terms and their meanings to help you out:

1TG = One To Go.

2TG = One To Go.

GL = Good Luck!

TUVM = Thank You Very Much!

WTG = Way To Go!

GLe1 = Good Luck Everyone!

Top sites with bingo chat games:

The best bingo chat games are found on the best bingo sites. Check below to find out all about our favourite online bingo sites which offer chat games.

Wink Bingo:

Wink Bingo will kick off your time on their site with a first deposit bonus of 400%. That means that if you deposit £10, you’ll get £40 back in free bonus, giving you a total of £50 to spend all across the site.

Bingo Hollywood:

This excellent site will make you feel like a real movie star. You can start out your time there by depositing £5 and enjoy a 500% first deposit bonus. Now that’s value for money!

888 Ladies:

888 Ladies is an excellent site marketed to ladies – although lads are certainly welcome to join in! They will start you off with a 400% welcome bonus on your very first deposit.

There’s lots of sites offering free bingo chat games, so why not try one out for yourself? Enjoy!