Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge

With the boom of mobile gaming over the last year, the demand to increase what the latest smartphone can do has grown. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, however, take mobile gaming to a new level. With their new optimised hardware, Vulkan API and enhanced UX, mobile gamers now finally have a fully-fledged mobile bingo gaming machine. Our Samsung Galaxy s7 review aims to appraise gamers on the capabilities of this new innovation.

Top Gaming Sites to Play on with Your S7

Knowing that the Samsung Galaxy S7 are revolutionising mobile gaming is great news, but what I am sure we all want to know is what sites are best to play on these new phones, and why. In this part of our Samsung Galaxy S7 review, we will look at several bingo sites and discuss why playing on your Samsung S7 Edge will make your bingo experience even better.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is one of many bingo sites who have launched mobile versions in the recent past, but it has emerged strongly against its competition for overall quality. However, if you are playing Wink Bingo on your Samsung Galaxy device your experience is going to be even better thanks to a new Vulkan API system – the next generation of graphics – which will make your display clearer and sharper than ever before. Samsung has also given these phones an improved CPU and GPU, making sure these phones more powerful than ever before, so they can easily handle even the biggest of bingo sites like Wink Bingo.

888 Ladies

888 Ladies mobile version has one of the largest selections of games we have seen on any App, but with the Samsung S7 you won’t need to worry about your battery dying thanks to the improved battery that comes with this phone, allowing to casually browse and try the multitude of games 888 has to offer on the downloadable mobile app. This will give you more choice and freedom of when you want to play.

Cheers Bingo

Although, there is nothing particularly out of this world about the Cheers Bingo, a Jumpman Gaming mobile site, using the Samsung S7 Edge will turn what would usually be a fairly standard mobile bingo experience, into a far more extraordinary one. Thanks to the thermal cooling spreader, your games will run faster than ever before, while your phone remains cool, giving you an optimum Cheers Bingo experience.

This will allow you to play for as long as your heart desire without the worry that the phone might overheat.

How S7 Edge Compares to Other Devices for Gaming

In this section, we are going to compare the Samsung S7 Edge matches up to a couple of devices for mobile gaming.

IPhone 6S

IPhone 6S is in many ways the most likely phone to compare and contrast the Galaxy S7 Edge to, as it was released the roughly the same time and is often seen as the main competition to the S7 phone. One of the biggest differences between these two phones is the running speed and overall performance quality. On the Samsung phone, they have opted to make gaming at the heart of their S7 creation and thus borne out by giving the phone a bigger and longing running battery than you have in the IPhone 6S. You will also find compared to the IPhone, when playing games on the Edge you will not get a reduced performance the longer you play thanks to the thermal cooling system keeping the battery cool, allowing for a longer fast gaming experience.

Samsung S6

If you are a fan of the Samsung S6 phone, then you will be blown away by the improvements that have been made to the S7 range of Samsung phones. As we have repeatedly seen the S7 is a gaming machine, with the new phone having new additions like Game Launcher, new Vulkan API to enhancing display graphics, as well as having 30% bigger CPU and 60% bigger GPU than Samsung S6, this Android phone is a beast.


Throughout this review, we have seen that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a tour de force in the mobile gaming industry. This will mean whether you are the lover of a casino, slot or bingo sites playing on a Samsung S7 Edge is only got to make your experience better, which surely can’t be a bad thing.