The Best Jackpot Promos

Jackpot promotions are very popular, and it’s not hard to see why! Everyone dreams of winning a big jackpot, and when you realise how many of them are around, you’ll want a slice of the fun too. Here, we’ll explore the different types of bingo jackpots that can be won, and where you might win them.

Where to find the best jackpot promos


Wink is known for its progressive sky-high jackpots, and those are only the beginning! With other treats to be found as well, you have plenty of delights to look forward to.


Say ‘cheers’ to a range of bingo games and slots, and play games that could secure you a bingo jackpot, too. Watch out for the latest promotions on the page of the same name!


BBQ Bingo gives you a toasty time, with The Big £10k just one of many promotions available for players to enjoy. Watch out for others including Grab a Grand too!

Lucky Cow

Lucky Cow is known for its promotions, many of which offer jackpot-winning chances, too. Watch for the All or Nothing promo among others.

A whole host of jackpot promotions

You’ll soon realise how many jackpots you could play for each week. Join several bingo sites and you’ll automatically gain access to even more of them! Check some of the more popular variations here.


These are jackpot promotions that are regularly up for grabs. That means you always have chances to win, possibly daily. Different sites provide ongoing games at different times, but they are all available long-term, often to newbies and established players alike.

Perks of playing ongoing games:

  • You always have chances to win
  • They’re usually played to the same timetable
  • Jackpots are often the same type in each case

Example: Wink ‘The Unwind’

This takes place daily from 4pm and provides a chance to win a progressive jackpot. Yes – there’s a separate jackpot each day.

Example: Cheers Payday

This event perks up payday by giving you a chance to scoop a prize in the £2,000 JP game. It’s a great way to end the month!

All or nothing vs guaranteed

An all or nothing jackpot is one that offers the whole prize to the first person who covers all the numbers on their bingo card. This is the only prize up for grabs, hence the all or nothing name. This could also be progressive, i.e. the more tickets sold, the bigger the prize.

Meanwhile, a guaranteed jackpot is for a set amount, guaranteed to be paid before the game begins. This means you know exactly how much could be won. The amount is often given in the title of the game, too (see our example below).

Perks of playing all or nothing and guaranteed jackpots:

  • All or nothing prizes make it clear what you must do to win
  • Guaranteed jackpots mean you know where you stand
  • All or nothing prizes are great for the winner, as the prize isn’t split between players
  • Guaranteed pots can be large to attract more players

Example: Lucky Cow All or Nothing

Lucky Cow is a great place to play bingo. Their All or Nothing games begin at 8pm every Saturday night.

Example: BBQ The Big 10k

BBQ Bingo offers The Big £10k game, offering £10,000 in prizes split between winners as per instructions on the site. The game takes place on the 10th of every month.


Loyalty jackpots (or VIP jackpots, if you prefer) are available to a site’s most dedicated members. If you’re a VIP, you may find there are jackpot games open to you that regular members won’t be able to access. This means there will likely be fewer participants and that raises your odds of winning.

Perks of playing loyalty games:

  • Restricted audience
  • Jackpots can be larger
  • They’re regularly available

Example: Cheers VIP jackpot games

Cheers has games open to VIP members only. So, if you join that exclusive club, you might have a chance to play for even more jackpots!


Newbie jackpots are exactly what you would expect them to be – for newbies only. This means you’ll only have a limited time to take part in the hope of winning. Not all sites offer them, but they’re very popular.

Perks of playing newbie jackpot games:

  • They’re designed to attract newbies to start playing
  • That could mean big prizes!

Example: Cheers newbie jackpot room

It’s a great name for a great jackpot room! This is the best place to head for when you join the site, and as we mentioned, you’ll only be eligible to take part for a short time.

Grab your chance to win a jackpot today!

Progressive jackpots are great fun. You never know how high they will go before they are won. But whichever bingo jackpots you go for, you’ll always have the dream that you will be the lucky winner.