Ukash to become PaySafeCard – What it means for you

As regular readers of our blog will no doubt be aware, Ukash is soon to be taken over by PaySafeCard. This move is part of Ukash being acquired by the Skrill group, who operate on several payment methods, including PaySafeCard, and have made the decision to no longer continue with Ukash and concentrate on PaySafeCard instead.

What does this mean for players?

So what does this mean for bingo players who use Ukash? The main difference is that it will now no longer be possible to buy Ukash codes and cards, which means that players for whom this is the preferred payment method will not need to look into other payment options. If you already have a Ukash code which you haven’t used yet, then you have until October the 15th 2015 to be able to use it and spend it on your site of choice. After this, however, you will also need to look in to alternative payment options for playing on bingo sites and mobile bingo sites.

Other payment options available

Luckily, there are still plenty of payment options available for you to use on online bingo. For a start, you might actually want to consider playing bingo via PaySafeCard, as the system for Ukash cards and PaySafeCard are relatively similar – they are both eWallets,. To begin with, you will be using the same system to top up PaySafeCard as you did for Ukash, so you don’t need to go about learning new ways of getting credit and depositing onsite, which is good news if you’ve grown accustomed to Ukash and what it offers.


What’s more, in many ways this new method of payment will be more convenient as there are more places where PaySafeCard can be bought and used in. You can buy a PaySafeCard from many local stores, so ask your newsagents and keep an eye out for signs telling you that it’s on sale. You can also go online to find numerous websites which allow you to search for stores near you which sell the card, and there is a handy PaySafeCard app, available on iOS and Android devices, which provides you with plenty of useful information about the card and how to use it, just in case you’re still unsure. PaySafeCard is available in so many locations, it will now be even easier for customers to have their cash converted into eMoney.

Using an eWallet like PaySafeCard is a great way of being able to play bingo online whilst still being able to keep your details and your cash safe. Another great method is through mobile phone bill bingo, which, as you might have guessed, allows players to pay for bingo via their mobile phone bill. The way this works is, when you deposit on a site and wager money on it, how much you’ve deposited will then be added on to your next phone bill for you to pay that way. This is a good security measure and is very straightforward and easy to do. However, it can make it a little bit difficult to follow how much you have spent on a site.

Mobile phone bill bingo appears on a number of different mobile bingo sites which is great news for anyone who likes to play bingo on their phone as the two go hand in hand together in many ways. You can also top up your phone and have your money taken off your balance whenever you make a wager. Both of these methods make a lot of sense on a practical level and on a security level, particularly if you are playing bingo on your mobile or tablet device.

Overall, the switch from Ukash to PaySafeCard will not have a massive impact on bingo players so long as you remember to use up any unused Ukash credits before the 31st of October. There are many different payment options for you to use, including by Skrill, Bank Transfer or even by credit or debit card if you want to go back to basics. There are pros and cons to all of these, so make sure to do some research – but overall, PaySafeCard is a solid choice.