Wearable Bingo Games

Mobile gaming has now officially taken over traditional desktop gaming and more and more players are enjoying bingo on their tablet and smartphones. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the rise in wearable technology and mobile games are steadily beginning to trickle into the smartwatch industry. Naturally, as a bingo site, this has us quite excited!

While game options are still pretty limited in terms of smartwatch availability, we can honestly see potential for some smartwatch bingo options in the near future but for those that are unfamiliar with this new technology, we thought we would take a look at the device in more detail.

What is a Smartwatch?

Essentially, a smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch that has functions other than just timekeeping. Most models can perform basic tasks such as translations, calculations and basic game-playing. Smartwatches could be considered as wearable computers as they run with an operating system and can be used to download apps – much like a tablet or smartphone.

Additionally, some smartwatches can even run as media players with radio and digital audio available on some models. Also, some smartwatches have integrated Bluetooth so that devices such as a headset can be connected to the watch.

Can you use it for Gaming?

The smartwatch gaming market is still very much in a period of growth and development. While bingo games are not really available as of yet, although we hope to see some bingo options emerge in the near future! There are some wearable games available already though and these vary in structure and theme.

The games currently available are mostly adaptions of some classics and players will recognise some of the more famous titles such as Space Invaders and Sonic. For bingo players, this is still very much in its infancy, but we hope to see more games coming soon.

What Devices are Available?

A lot of companies are now producing smartwatches for the consumer market and the key is to research different products carefully to find the one that is right for you. We have managed to do a bit of research ourselves and have come up with a few products that we feel are worth checking out.

Apple Watch: As you might expect Apple continue to innovate with their products and their Apple Watch is a great product. The Series 2 is now available for customers and its main features are built in GPS and the device is water resistant up to 50 metres! It has a lightning-fast dual-core processor so will be able to play games with ease.

Android Wear: If you are more of an Android user then this gear will be a perfect choice. There are plenty of options with the 2.0 having just been released. Android Wear focuses on voice recognition and app compatibility. We love that you can receive notifications to your watch from your phone!

Samsung Gear: As you might expect, the Samsung Gear watches are of an immense quality. There are loads to choose from and they look fantastic. Essential smartphone features are available with a simple twist on the Gear 2 and there are plenty of apps and games to choose from.

Pebble: This is a great choice for those that want some great smartwatch functionality at an affordable price. Pebble devices focus on providing basic and essential smartphone compatibility options without breaking the bank. They focus on fitness apps and are the perfect companion for those that like to run!

Our Favourite Games to Play on Smartwatches

While you could argue that gaming options are limited on smartwatches, there are some interesting options to play including:

  • Vegas Fruit Slots – This charming game will have luck on your side. It’s a classic fruit machine game that works perfectly on your smartwatch. It’s bright and colourful and a tonne of fun!
  • Slingo Adventure – Everyone’s favourite puzzle franchise is now available on smartwatch and Slingo is a great choice for players with many interesting characters. It’s up to you to recover the King’s Diamond to win some big jackpots!
  • Bingo Minds – The first bingo games that we have encountered and you can play with friends via email from your smartwatch. Tonnes of fun with 75 and 90 ball on offer!

Looking to the Future

The smartwatch gaming industry is very much still in the early stages of development. Software developers are beginning to offer games designed for the wearable devices. If you have a device then why not try out Vegas Fruit Slots or Bingo Minds? We will continue to monitor developments and keep an eye out for any new bingo games should they appear in the near future!